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Yoga for Emily: A Gratitude-Themed Yoga Flow

The other day, I had the most pleasant of surprises–a piece of fan mail! As many of you are aware, I started posting blog on this website the last week of December 2016. My goal is always to provide helpful information to increase your happiness and overall health. Since my background is in Pilates and yoga, I tend to talk a lot about those subjects.

It was the yoga exercises that drew my young fan, Emily, to my page. Below is the fan mail that I received from her mom, Lynette. At the bottom of this post is a special gratitude-themed yoga flow for Emily and all my other fans. Enjoy!

My Fan Mail


My name is Lynette, I wanted to write you an email letting you know how much my daughter Emily has enjoyed your page, . She recently took an after school Yoga program her school offered, and is now hooked! So her and I have signed up for a couple classes meant for families. Emily is really excited, our first one is next week. She’s been spending a lot of her computer time learning more about it and then practicing some basic poses. She has mentioned your page a bunch of times, and I thought I’d send you a note letting you know!

When I told Emily that I was going to send you an email thanking you, she also asked me to recommend this other yoga page she thought has been really helpful, . She thought it might be another great addition to your yoga resources. She thought it was great, so hopefully you might as well!

Thanks again helping encourage Emily’s interest in yoga, and hope you enjoy the article- if you can add it to your page, please let me know, would love to show her! have a great day!


Yoga for Emily

Just in case you’re not interested in watching the video, here’s the gratitude-themed yoga sequence that we practice:

I created this quick sequence with gratitude in mind. To show gratitude through yoga, you want to be especially mindful of opening your heart center (like you do in poses with spinal extension) and bowing your head (like you do in forward folds).

Sincerest thanks to Emily, Lynette, and any of my other fans out there!

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