Relieve Your Hip And Back Pain with This Simple Yoga Pose

When your hips or back hurt and you’re searching for exercises to help give you immediate relief, the Windshield wipers yoga pose should at the top of your list.

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Don’t hip and back pain seem to find you at the oddest times?

Around the Super Bowl, I would have sworn that hip pain was as catching as the flu. Myself, several family members, and some clients were suddenly struck with debilitating pain.

I didn’t do anything weird, we all said. Yet, here we were with sciatic pain that made life feel punishing.

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We limped around. We struggled to discover which was comfortable: sitting or standing. (The answer is neither.) Then, we took action.

One of the first exercises I always turn to when I’m trying to fix hip or low back pain is the Windshield wipers yoga exercise. In fact, this is an exercise in Spinal Rejuvenation, my online course that teaches people how to relieve hip and back pain themselves.

Although there are a couple of different ways to do this magical exercise, I’ve described my favorite way below.

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What Makes This Way So Great?

It might seem odd that I have a favorite way to do a yoga pose, but I do. The reason this way is my favorite is because it’s appropriate for all people.

Whether you’ve never done yoga or are an experienced yogi, whether you’re in pain or feeling great, whether you’re old or young; this version of the Windshield wipers yoga exercise will be perfect for you.

How to Do the Windshield Wipers Yoga Pose

doing windshield wipers yoga pose to relieve hip and back pain
  1. Begin on your back with your feet to the outside edges of your mat.
  2. Slightly turn out your feet.
  3. Broaden your collarbones and reach your arms straight out like a “t.” Slide your shoulder blades down your back as you bend your elbows and rest the backs of your hands on the mat. This arm pose is frequently called Cactus. If the backs of your hands don’t touch down, just keep your arms out in a “t.”
  4. Let both knees lower to the right as you turn your head to the left.
  5. Come back to center.
  6. Lower your knees to the left as you turn your head to the right.
  7. Come back to center.
  8. Do several sets of this at whatever speed and with whatever breathing style feels right.

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Want to Know Something Cool?

Part of the reason why I love this exercise, part of the reason why I always start here when I’m searching for exercises to relieve hip and/or low back pain is because spinal twists like this one reboot your body’s computer.

When you let your spine rotate, it actually serves as a sort of reset for your central nervous system.

Feeling pain? Twist.

Feeling depressed? Twist.

Feeling overwhelmed? Twist.

No joke, a simple twist can help you feel a ton better in a short time.

Plus, when you twist, you massage your internal organs. This helps move things along your digestive tract.

And, as if all of those other reasons weren’t enough to get you to twist, simple twists also help you tone your abdominal muscles and build a strong core.


Are You a Visual Learner?

Sometimes, it’s just easier to have someone to watch and talk you through an exercise. That’s why I’ve included this short video.

Want to Learn More?

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