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Why I Created This Site

When I tell people that I created a website in addition to teaching Pilates and yoga and being a part-time stay at home mom, they ask me why. The reason is simple. Back a few years ago when I was struggling and in pain, I really needed a site like this. When I turned to my trusty pal, Google, I often came up blank. My goal is for this website to provide the answers that I was looking for a few years ago. This is why I created this site.

Providing Answers

At the time, I was in pain. I’d had another C-section, and this recovery was not as smooth as the first one. I was in so much pain that I had to hire someone to clean my house because I physically was unable to do it myself.

In fact, after about half an hour of vacuuming, I’d have to lie down for the rest of the day. Seriously. I used to vacuum after I was finished working with my clients because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit or stand for the rest of the day.

Sarah in the camper 2016Even when we went on vacation, I could only sit in the truck for a few hours before I needed a break. We would have to stop, and I’d go stretch out on the bed in our camper. Slowly, we plodded and crept toward our destination. I’d take about a half an hour of rest for every three hours of driving.

Then, when we’d find a path to hike, I could only go so far before I had to take a break. I felt like I was always right on the edge of horrible pain. If I didn’t time things just right or meter my energy appropriately, I’d be in a world of pain. That’s no way to live.

Night after night, I took to the web to figure out what the heck I needed to do to get out of this horrible situation. Each night, I went to bed unsatisfied, unable to find answers or ideas of what I could do to feel better.

My Umbilical Hernia Surgery

I had been working on correcting the rectus abdominis diastasis that I got during pregnancy. Both my kids ripped my most superficial abdominal muscle, the rectus abdominis. The last kid was so large that he ripped a hole about 3 fingers by 3 fingers in my belly button area.

This abdominal hole near the belly button is called an umbilical hernia. If it is large enough, your intestines will start to fall through the hole. When this happens, you have real problems.

Finally, I decided to have my umbilical hernia repaired. This gaping hole was certainly preventing my rectus abdominis from fully healing, so I thought that it might be time to get this situation surgically repaired.

Long story short, I was correct. (You can read about why I recommend umbilical hernia repair here.) After a relatively short recovery period, I noticed significant improvement in my endurance and my ease of movement.

My first big sign of success came just a month after surgery. I vacuumed the whole house! When I was done, I didn’t even have to lay down. I started cleaning bathrooms.

I have never been so happy to clean my house in my whole life. This was my sign that I had made a good decision and that my body was finally starting to Humpty Dumpty itself back together.

Then, I Broke My Neck

For about a year, I continued to work on things like strengthening my core and getting my pubic bones aligned. As I worked, step by step, I thought about how this information could help other people in pain.

Even as a Pilates and yoga instructor, that’s my main goal. If you’re in pain, let’s figure out what we can do to reduce your pain. This inspired my philosophy for my website. I wanted to provide information for people to help feel better and relieve their own pain through Pilates and yoga.

Then, I broke my neck. Once again, I took to Google. Surely, someone else had suggestions about things I should or shouldn’t do while healing from my broken neck. Again, I was surprised at the lack of information.

Fine, then. I’ll write it.

Each day of my recovery, I took notes. Along the way, I wrote helpful articles for my website. I even was lucky enough to have someone with a broken neck reach out to me and tell me how helpful my articles were.

Amazing. A total stranger found my information, read it, and thought it was helpful.

That is exactly why I created this website. No matter what causes you pain–even if it’s mental and not physical–my goal is to provide information that can help you feel better.

What do you think? What am I missing? Let me know what you’d like to learn more about in the comments section below.

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