What is Juvo Board?

juvo boardIn May 2016, Stamina Products released the Juvo Board. This is a piece of equipment designed to take your workout to the next level. In December 2016, I was lucky enough to get to try the Juvo Board when I was in Springfield, Missouri at The BodySmith.

The BodySmith is the main training campus for Juvo Board, and I happened to be talking to the Director of Education, Shauna Smith Yates. In the short time that I spent on the Juvo Board, I was surprised by the comfort that I felt doing some of the exercises.

Since my umbilical hernia repair five months earlier, my core was a mess. Finding the correct muscles to engage at the correct times was more challenging than it had ever been before. The handful of elevated exercises I tried felt appropriately difficult, yet I could do them correctly.

Then, we switched the Board to its level position for increasing balance. I wobbled that Board from one side to the other for a handful of exercises. However, as I worked, I could feel myself become more centered. I started to wobble less.

I was impressed.

What is the Juvo Board?

Juvo is Latin for to assist or to attain. That is exactly what this hourglass-shaped Board does. When the Juvo Board is elevated to a ramp position, using the Board will take pressure off of your joints when doing exercises like squats and lunges. An elevated Board will also help you use gravity to find correct form in push-ups.

To increase the challenge of your push-ups, you can face the opposite direction on the elevated Board or you can lower the Board to a level position. When the Board is level, you work on balance. In this position, the Juvo Board becomes similar to a paddle board. I’m sure you can imagine the challenges you would face when trying to do push-ups on a paddle board.

The Juvo Board can assist or elevate your workout routine. Some of the types of exercise that can be done on the Board are: Pilates, yoga, strength training, ballet, and paddle boarding. (Yes, there is a woman who teaches a paddle boarding class on the Juvo Board.)

“The Juvo Board allows for endless workout routines, not matter what level you’re at,” says Shauna Smith Yates, Director of Education for Juvo Board.

Juvo Board Certification

There is no certification per se for Juvo Board. Instead, they offer a foundation course. The successful completion of this course results in a certificate. This is the highest level of training offered for the Juvo Board.

The information below is from a link to a foundation course November 4-5, 2017 at The BodySmith in Springfield, MO. Foundation courses are offered at The BodySmith and other host sites.

This two-day course is designed to empower fitness professionals with the knowledge to aid clients of all fitness levels in the quest for strong, healthy bodies and minds using the Juvo Board.  The Juvo Board Foundation Course will inspire you to create endless new and exciting workout routines on this revolutionary surface no matter what fitness modality you teach.

Participants will be instructed on proper use and set up of the Juvo Board, exercises and sample workouts and ideas on how to use the Juvo Board to modify and/or progress exercises.

Participants will experience a group fitness style, SUP workout, Pilates/barre and yoga class entirely on the Juvo Board.

With successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate and can earn CEU’s for the following:
-12 PMA
-15 Yoga Alliance
– AFFA 15
– NASM 1.5
– ACE 1.1

Juvo Board Video

Juvo Board has a page just for Juvo workout videos. There are several free workout videos and some cost $5.99. My friend Susan Gilmore has two videos for purchase:  Pilates on the Juvo Board and Juvo Hit. Susan and I went through several STOTT PILATES certification classes together, and I normally get to see her when we take CEU workshops together. I haven’t tried her videos, but I can tell you from years of experience that Susan is a great teacher and creates wonderful workouts!

Here is an informational video. This is the marketing Hey, don’t ya wanna buy this? piece. I like it because you see individuals of various fitness levels use the Board for different purposes. Click the link if you want to see more about the Juvo Board.

Have you tried the Juvo Board? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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