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neutral quadruped position

Neutral Quadruped Position: Fight Gravity!

By Sarah Stockett | April 23, 2017

Sure, you’re not going to use a neutral quadruped position often. I only use it when I exercise, clean up cat vomit, or play with my kids.

craniosacral massage

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

By Sarah Stockett | April 21, 2017

Craniosacral therapy is a type of bodywork where gentle pressure is applied to the skull, spine, and sacrum (tailbone) to generate small adjustments.

neutral seated position

Neutral Seated Position: Change Car Rides Forever!

By Sarah Stockett | April 16, 2017

Maintaining a neutral seated position for the whole time we are sitting is an easier-said-than-done experience. Here are some steps to keep aligned.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage: Not Your Typical Relaxing Massage

By Sarah Stockett | April 14, 2017

Thai Massage is described as: relaxing, invigorating, and painful. That’s a wide gamut of adjectives! I have tips on how to keep your massage pain-free.


My First Trip to the Chiropractor

By Sarah Stockett | April 13, 2017

It took me over six years of having a back injury before I went to the chiropractor. Once I went, you won’t believe what happened!

neutral standing posture

Change Your Day with Neutral Standing Posture

By Sarah Stockett | April 9, 2017

Neutral standing posture is important to how you look and feel. Good posture projects the image of a confidence and aligns your body to fight gravity.


Massage: The Best Tool for Myofascial Release

By Sarah Stockett | April 7, 2017

Myofascial release massage is the best tool for myofascial release. Not all massages provide myofascial release, however massages have many health benefits.

lacrosse ball

Lacrosse Ball Massage: A Memorable Experience

By Sarah Stockett | March 31, 2017

A lacrosse ball massage can be very therapeutic, although painful at times. I will cover how to gauge your pain and how to use the balls for massage.

three pregnant women doing yoga

Second Trimester of Pregnancy: Maintaining and Modifying Your Pilates and Yoga Workouts

By Sarah Stockett | February 3, 2017

The second trimester is a great time to gently move your body! Here’s how to safely modify your Pilates and yoga sessions.

cartoon about perspective


By Sarah Stockett | January 24, 2017

Perspective is a shifting, changing opinion of your current state. It’s a compare and contrast with past incidents. As you live, your perspective changes.

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