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Third eye chakra

Open Your Third Eye Chakra and Gain Insight

By Sarah Stockett | September 19, 2017

The third eye chakra, known as Ajna, is often associated withy our sixth sense, and it’s responsible for your perception that transcends space and time.

woman in bed

Embrace Healing

By Sarah Stockett | September 16, 2017

Having a broken neck hasn’t been fun. Instead of complaining, I turn to yoga and set a daily intention. Each day, I tell myself to embrace healing.

VooDoo floss bands

Will VooDoo Floss Bands Fix Your Pain?

By Sarah Stockett | September 15, 2017

Years ago, my sister-in-law, Holly, told me about VooDoo Floss Bands. Here’s more about this self-healing tool loved by athletes and average people alike.


Why Water Isn’t Tea

By Sarah Stockett | September 14, 2017

Currently, people are wondering: Does tea count as water? No! Water counts as water, and it’s the key to your health and weight loss.

Throat chakra

Clear Your Throat Chakra and Express Yourself!

By Sarah Stockett | September 12, 2017

You may want to clear and align your throat chakra, known as Vishuddha, if it’s difficult for you to express yourself, formulate ideas, or form opinions.

Find Forgiveness in the Heart Chakra

By Sarah Stockett | September 5, 2017

If you’re struggling to forgive someone (even yourself) for something from the past, you could benefit from balancing your heart chakra,known as Anahata.

Joan Cusack

20 Reasons Why I Love My Hard Cervical Collar

By Sarah Stockett | September 2, 2017

My neck brace makes me hot and sweaty and reminds me of my mortality. As a means of escape, I listed 20 Reasons I Love My Neck Brace.

Solar plexus chakra

Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Improve Relationships with These Yoga Poses

By Sarah Stockett | August 29, 2017

The solar plexus chakra, known as Manipura, is a hub for personality traits. In my opinion, this chakra is the source for how you interact with people.


Cupping–Not Just for the Rich and Famous

By Sarah Stockett | August 25, 2017

You may have heard of cupping because many athletes at the 2016 Olympics sported circular spots post-treatment. However, anyone can benefit from cupping.

Sacral chakra

Realign Your Sacral Chakra and Have More Fun!

By Sarah Stockett | August 22, 2017

The sacral chakra, known as Svadhisthana, is where your pleasure center resides. Your emotions, creativity, and sexuality stem from the sacral chakra.

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