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woman taking a break

Take a Break: A Happiness Tip

By Sarah Stockett | June 14, 2018

It’s important to let the body and brain take a break in order to improve your health, relationships, happiness level, and even the quality of your work.

reading and relaxing

10 Tips for a Healthy Weekend

By Sarah Wood | June 7, 2018

Being healthy certainly doesn’t require perfection, but it does require consistency. For many of us, weekends present the biggest challenge. The struggle may come from a lack of structure, leading to boredom eating; or it might be the result of a robust social life. Here are 10 tips for a healthy weekend.

bionic eye

Bionic Eye Technology Is Here!

By Sarah Stockett | May 22, 2018

t sounds futuristic, but bionic eye technology is very present. After years of research and development, people with significant visual impairment and even blindness are testing these new eyes. For some, this means restoring eyesight after years of blindness. Here’s more about this exciting technology and how it works.

puzzle pieces

Take Life Piece by Piece: A Happiness Tip

By Sarah Stockett | May 17, 2018

Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking. She was feeling incredibly overwhelmed with her busy life. Although this is a common feeling, it’s a horrible place to be mentally. To help sort through all the mess, I told her to just imagine that her life is a jigsaw puzzle and take life piece by piece. 

which is worse: binge-watching TV or binge-eating

Which Is Worse: Binge-Watching TV or Binge-Eating?

By Sarah Stockett | May 15, 2018

Sometimes I have weird questions pop into my head. The other day I wondered “Which is worse:  binge-watching TV or binge-eating?” Both have a reputation for being harmful to your health, but which is worse? I thought you might wonder about this, so I decided we should find out. Here’s what I discovered.

relaxing in a tent with an ocean view

Do Without: A Happiness Tip

By Sarah Stockett | April 19, 2018

When you start believing that anything outside of yourself can bring you happiness, it’s time to take a break and hit the reset button. By taking the time to do without, you can often hit a reset button of sorts for yourself and better find the happiness you seek.

cervical extension

Respect the Progress: An Update on My Broken Neck

By Sarah Stockett | April 12, 2018

I broke my neck June 30,2017 while playing baseball with my sons. Ever since that break, I have been in the middle of the healing process. In my opinion, the most important part of any injury recovery is that you respect the process.


Own Your Issues: A Happiness Tip

By Sarah Stockett | March 15, 2018

One great way to increase happiness in your life is to own your issues. We all have issues. The key is to accept responsibility for your issues and not impose them on others. Here’s what I’m doing to own one of my issues.

enjoy the little things

Enjoy the Little Things: A Happiness Tip

By Sarah Stockett | February 15, 2018

“Enjoy the little things.” This sage advice comes from the movie Zombieland. In the movie, this quote is in reference to one character’s seemingly never-ending search for Twinkies. For me personally, though, this quote is more about stopping multi-tasking to live in the moment.

ways to show love

20 Ways to Show Love

By Sarah Stockett | February 14, 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day–the day of love and affection. Often, when thinking of this day, we think about the ways we show love to other people. The truth is, you need love just as much as the next guy! That’s why I’m including tips for ways to show love to other people as well as to yourself.

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