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woman practicing nadi shodhana pranayama

Reduce Anxiety Just by Breathing! Here’s How.

By Sarah Stockett | August 4, 2019

Did you know yogis use a breathing technique that reduces anxiety and calms your thoughts, mind, and body? Here’s how to practice Nadi Shodhana pranayama.

chandra bhedana cooling breath

Beat the Heat! Cool Yourself Down with Chandra Bhedana, the Cooling Breath

By Sarah Stockett | May 31, 2019

In Chandra Bhedana, the cooling breath, you inhale through the left nostril. Notice how your mind slows, you feel mentally soothed, and your body cools.


Build Body Heat with Surya Bhedana–The Sun Breath

By Sarah Stockett | May 22, 2019

In Surya Bhedana, we inhale through the right nostril, which increases body heat. This is why this breathing technique is called “sun breath.”

hands in a triangle

How to Stop Pins and Needles in Your Hands and Arms

By Sarah Stockett | April 28, 2019

If you want to know how to stop pins and needles in your hands and arms, I have a trick for you! This easy solution will get rid of tingling immediately.

what is floatation therapy

What Is Floatation Therapy? It Could Be the Cure for What Ails You.

By Sarah Stockett | April 8, 2019

The other day I found myself wondering, “What is floatation therapy?” I started researching this popular therapy, and now I can’t wait to give it a try!


Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level with Antara Kumbhaka and Bahya Kumbhaka

By Sarah Stockett | April 7, 2019

Kumbhaka is taking a long pause either at the end of your inhale (Antara Kumbhaka) or at the end of your exhale (Bahya Kumbhaka).

what is cbd oil and why is everyone talking about it

What Is CBD Oil and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

By Sarah Stockett | March 2, 2019

CBD oil has been a hot topic recently, so I investigated what it is, why you would use it, and whether or not it’s legal.

how to do an honest posture assessment of yourself

How to Do an Honest Posture Assessment of Yourself

By Sarah Stockett | February 18, 2019

A posture assessment is a great way to learn how the muscles and bones in your body are working together in your body to keep you healthy and pain-free.

Here are 5 tips to help you with cervical collar sleeping.

Cervical Collar Sleeping: 5 Things You Need to Know

By Sarah Stockett | January 4, 2019

Sleeping in a cervical collar felt impossible. Then, I figured out some tricks. Here are five tips to improve your cervical collar sleeping experience.

cervical spine muscles

The Ultimate Guide to Cervical Spine Muscles and Nerves

By Sarah Stockett | December 7, 2018

Dysfunctional cervical spine muscles can cause pain in your upper body. Here’s a non-medical person’s guide to the neck’s structure, nerves, and muscles.

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