Trim Your Thighs with Helicopter on the Foam Roller

helicopter on the foam rollerThe Helicopter Pilates exercise is one of my favorites. Although this isn’t a traditional mat exercise, it was part of my Arc barrel training through STOTT PILATES. This exercise takes the core work that you feel in Single leg circles and takes it up a notch by challenging you to move both legs in opposite directions at the same time. Helicopter is also good at challenging your coordination.

Helicopter on the Foam Roller

  1. Begin on your back with your knees bent, heels in line with your SITs bones.
  2. Lift your hips so you can slide the roller under them. When you lower your hips, your sacrum (tailbone) should be on the roller. Place your hands on either side of the roller to help keep it stable.
  3. Use traditional Pilates breathing.
  4. Inhale to lift your left leg to Table top.
  5. Exhale to lift the right leg to meet the left. Straighten both legs toward the ceiling. Point your feet.
  6. Inhale and deeply scissor your legs, allowing your right leg to come close to your face and your left leg to lower toward the ground.
  7. Exhale and move your legs out to the sides until they switch positions. Then, bring both legs back to center.
  8. Inhale and deeply scissor your legs so that the left leg is coming toward your face now and your right leg is lowering toward the ground.
  9. Exhale and move your legs out to the sides until they switch positions. Then, bring both legs back to center.
  10. This makes one set. Complete 8 sets.

Finding a Foam Roller

If you want to order a foam roller, I recommend the [easyazon_link identifier=”B001UI0C36″ locale=”US” tag=”custpilandyog-20″]OPTP brand foam roller[/easyazon_link]. Their foam rollers are firm and don’t dent or bend easily. It’s crucial for your foam roller to be firm and stay the same shape throughout its use.

Foam rollers are a great tool to elevate your Pilates mat work, but they’re also wonderful self-massage tools. Here’s a link to some foam roller stretches.

Helicopter on the Foam Roller Video

Here is a video for visual learners.

What do you think of Helicopter on the foam roller? Let us know in the comments below.

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