Thoughtfulness/Intention: Mastering Your Health Resolutions

A big key to being able to be active without hurting yourself is thoughtfulness or intention. Think about what you’re doing and why.

In the last post, we discussed the importance of self-respect, and in the post before that, the importance of honesty to you achieving your resolutions and goals. Here, we discuss your third tool for success, thoughtfulness and intention.


A big key to activity without injury is thoughtfulness or intention. Think about it. What are you doing? Why are you doing this? How are your actions helping you achieve your goals? These are thoughts you should be thinking periodically throughout the day.

Bill and Ted say, "Whoa!" when I share mind-blowing information.


I know! Mind=Blown! Check in with yourself multiple times a day to make sure you are on track to accomplishing your goals.

Quit Ignoring Yourself

Too often, we ignore ourselves. We don’t pay attention to what our bodies are doing in their non-active times. When you think about your day, most of it would probably be classified as habitual. You eat, brush your teeth, go to work, do your job, drive home, watch some TV. Same old routine, probably.

Become Aware of your Posture

The key is to look at what you are truly doing in these routine moments. For example, looking at your standing posture while you’re brushing your teeth or cooking dinner is going to give you loads of information about your routine posture during the day. And believe me when I say that changing your routine posture will help you prevent injuries while you are working toward your goals.

Find Neutral Posture

If one of your resolutions was to reduce some pain or injuries you already have, intention and thoughtfulness are key. Everything you do, you should try to remind yourself to be in a neutral posture. Here is a reminder of what an anatomical neutral posture is:

My only suggestion is that instead of focusing on keeping the knees straight, instead I’d have you put a soft bend in the knee. This will insure you’re not hyper-extending. And, sure, no one hangs out with their palms facing forward, I know. However, it’s the openness at the shoulders from the palms facing forward, which is the most beneficial aspect from the hand position. Get the openness at the shoulders, and then you can let your palms face your thighs.

As you practice paying attention to what your body is doing, you will notice some postural irregularities.

Until then, what funky positions do you find yourself in? Have you made any changes to what you’re doing? Please let me know in the comments.

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