Subscapularis: Learn Your Muscles


The subscapularis is one of the four enigmatic rotator cuff muscles. It covers the whole anterior surface of your scapula and allows you to medially rotate your arm. This movement is essential for activities like scratching your back or reaching into a back pocket.

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Teres Minor: Learn Your Muscles

teres minor

The teres minor is one of your four enigmatic rotator cuff muscles. It works similarly to the infraspinatus to rotate the head of your humerus outward, away from the midline of your body. This is essential for good posture.

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Supraspinatus: Learn Your Muscles


The supraspinatus helps move your arm straight out to the side, and it’s one of those muscles that are part of the enigmatic rotator cuff. The rotator cuff can be the root of all evil for some people, so this month is dedicated to learning about this troublesome structure and how to keep it healthy.

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