Sun Salutations: Weekend Workout! 3-25-17

Today, we will focus our Weekend Workout! on Sun Salutations. In yoga, Sun Salutations are frequently used to warm up the body and open the hips. Even though Sun Salutations prepare the body for more challenging exercises, they aren’t easy. Sun Salutations use poses such as:

They can even incorporate Utkatasana (Chair pose) and Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1). These two poses become part of the sequence when you’re practicing Surya Namaskar B (or Sun Salutations B).

I love Sun Salutations because this quick sequence is a condensed version of a total body workout. You get to practice good standing posture, hinging from your hips, engaging your abdominals, stretching your back, opening your hips, and strengthening your arms and shoulders. Really, just about everything you might want to do in a workout is right here in this one quick sequence.

If you practice these over and over, your body will really start to feel the difference. However, watch out for fatigue! If you feel like your body is no longer maintaining proper form, it’s best to stop where you are to ensure you don’t injure yourself.

Sun Salutations:  Weekend Workout!

Please enjoy this week’s workout.

Are there any particular exercises you’re wanting me to incorporate or any areas you want to work? Simply comment below.

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