Seal of Yoga–An Important Accessory to Your Yoga Practice

seal of yogaThe Seal of Yoga, which is also known as the yoga mudra, is listed as its own pose. I, however, beg to differ. Because the Seal of yoga is only a specific arm and hand placement, I don’t think of it as its own pose. Instead, I think of it as an important accessory to other yoga poses.

For example, you can practice the Seal of yoga while you are practicing poses such as:

Here’s how to practice this popular mudra.

Seal of Yoga

  1. You can use this pose either after you have started warming up and stretching your shoulders or as a way to accomplish this goal. However, if you are already a little warm, this stretch will feel easier.
  2. Remember, this is only arm positioning. You should choose which pose you’d like to incorporate this stretch with. Get your legs and your torso set before you place your arms.
  3. When the rest of your body is set, broaden your collarbones.
  4. Roll your right shoulder blade onto your back and down away from your ears. Send energy through your right arm as you place your right thumb on your tailbone.
  5. Roll your left shoulder blade onto your back and down away from your ears. Send energy through your left arm as your place your left thumb on your tailbone.
  6. Clasp your hands, and reach your knuckles toward the floor. Inhale here.
  7. Exhale and reach your straight arms away from your tailbone. Let your arms lift as if they are starting to reach for the wall behind you (or for the ceiling, depending on which pose you’re in).
  8. Hold here for several breaths.
  9. On an exhale, release your arms.

Seal of Yoga Video

Here is a video for visual learners.

What’s your favorite way to practice the Seal of yoga? Let us know in the comments below.

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