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Restorative Yoga with a Chair: Weekend Workout! 4-22-17

In Restorative yoga, you must use props to support you and make you comfortable; this is not optional. In a home yoga practice, those props could be anything that you have on hand. Today, I’m doing Restorative yoga with a chair to illustrate how you can create your own Restorative yoga practice with items you already have in your home.

Traditionally in Restorative yoga classes, blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets, and eye pillows might be used. In fact, in the Restorative classes that I’ve taken, each student used at least one of all of those items. If you happen to have an eye pillow on hand, you can use it when we do Savasana.

For those who are not familiar with this website or Weekend Workout!, let me catch you up. Weekend Workout! is a 20-30 minute Pilates and yoga-inspired workout. If there is anything in particular that you’re wanting to do, please comment below and let me know.

Some past videos that I’ve done by request have been Ab Challenge, Foot Injury, and a hamstring opener.

Restorative Yoga with a Chair Video

Here is your Weekend Workout!

Do you have a favorite Restorative yoga pose? Let us know in the comments below.

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