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Turn On My Muscles–The Next Step in Neck Therapy

By Sarah Stockett | March 22, 2018

After starting physical therapy for my healed broken neck, the first priority was pain relief. We achieved that the first day and moved on to strengthening my muscles. Sadly, some of my left side muscles were shut off, so the therapist started the process to turn on my muscles.

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Respect the Progress: An Update on My Broken Neck

By Sarah Stockett | April 12, 2018

I broke my neck June 30,2017 while playing baseball with my sons. Ever since that break, I have been in the middle of the healing process. In my opinion, the most important part of any injury recovery is that you respect the process.


What Is IASTM?

By Sarah Stockett | May 29, 2018

IASTM, or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, is a fairly common part of injury recovery. It’s similar to the Chinese treatment gua sha except that IASTM treats musculoskeletal conditions instead of energy flow. Here’s more on this scraping technique that can often lead to pain relief and increased mobility. 

Astym therapy

What Is Astym Therapy?

By Sarah Stockett | June 5, 2018

Ever since I received Astym therapy from my physical therapist, I’ve been looking in to this odd field of scraping. If gua sha is a form of scraping that is a component of ancient Chinese medicine, and IASTM is known as the Western version of gua sha; then what is Astym? Here’s more about this scraping technique.

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It’s Been a Year Since I Broke My Neck

By Sarah Stockett | June 29, 2018

It’s been a year since I broke my neck while trying to teach my boys how to play baseball. Although my neck has healed, I have other issues from the fall.

The End of Physical Therapy for my Broken Neck

By Sarah Stockett | July 19, 2018

I have reached the end of physical therapy for my broken neck. Here’s the update on how I’m doing and what my plan is to keep my neck mobile.

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Why I Created This Site

By Sarah Stockett | July 26, 2018

My goal is for this website to provide the answers that I was looking for a few years ago. This is why I created this site.

It’s Okay to Be Upset: A Happiness Tip

By Sarah Stockett | September 13, 2018

One of the best ways to increase your personal happiness is to allow yourself to feel mad or frustrated. The truth is, it’s okay to be upset. 

The best way to turn life's tricks into treats--right now!

The Best Way to Turn Life’s Tricks Into Treats–Right Now!

By Sarah Stockett | October 31, 2018

As someone who broke her neck while teaching her kids how to play baseball, I feel qualified to write about how to turn life’s tricks into treats. 

cervical spine muscles

The Ultimate Guide to Cervical Spine Muscles and Nerves

By Sarah Stockett | December 7, 2018

Dysfunctional cervical spine muscles can cause pain in your upper body. Here’s a non-medical person’s guide to the neck’s structure, nerves, and muscles.

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