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20 Reasons Why I Love My Hard Cervical Collar

By Sarah Stockett | September 2, 2017

My neck brace makes me hot and sweaty and reminds me of my mortality. As a means of escape, I listed 20 Reasons I Love My Neck Brace.

Sarah Stockett, broken neck

The Road to Recovery: How’s Your Neck Healing?

By Sarah Stockett | September 7, 2017

I broke my neck at the end of June. Whenever I see friends and family, they ask, “How’s your neck healing?” Honestly, I have no idea. Here’s what I do know.

woman in bed

Embrace Healing

By Sarah Stockett | September 16, 2017

Having a broken neck hasn’t been fun. Instead of complaining, I turn to yoga and set a daily intention. Each day, I tell myself to embrace healing.

Leg slides

How to Modify After an Injury

By Sarah Stockett | October 7, 2017

Despite our best efforts, we will get injured. It is then up to us to learn how to modify after an injury. These modifications will help us get stronger.

workout with a neck brace

Road to Recovery Workout: Weekend Workout!

By Sarah Stockett | October 14, 2017

Recently, I wrote about how to modify your workout so that you can create a road to recovery workout. Now, here’s a video of what I’m doing to modify.

Sarah Stockett

Life Without My Neck Brace: Week 1

By Sarah Stockett | October 21, 2017

I saw my neurosurgeon (hopefully, for the last time), and he told me I was free to start living life without my neck brace, my very elaborate necklace.

yoga picture

I Knew I Would Miss Yoga, but What I Missed Most About Yoga Will Surprise You!

By Sarah Stockett | November 4, 2017

After I broke my neck, my doctor told me that I could only walk. I knew I would miss yoga, but what I missed most about yoga will surprise you.

Sarah Stockett

Cervical Rehabilitation: A Healing Process Update

By Sarah Stockett | December 2, 2017

Tom Petty told me, “The waiting is the hardest part.” I thought he meant the healing process, but maybe he meant the cervical rehabilitation process.¬†


Acupuncture for Cervical Spine Therapy

By Sarah Stockett | December 30, 2017

I broke my neck, wore a collar for three months, then was released with no physical therapy. I turned to acupuncture for cervical spine therapy.

dry needling

What Is Dry Needling?

By Sarah Stockett | February 20, 2018

Dry needling is a technique that physical therapists use to relive pain and tightness. The therapist places a plain needle without medicine, a “dry” needle, through your skin and into a specific area of your muscle.

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