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cat stretch is a great quadratus lumborum stretch

How to Use Cat Pose to Relieve Your Back Pain

By Sarah Stockett | May 20, 2020

Cat pose is a classic yoga pose that’s also used in Pilates. This pose is so popular because it’s excellent for anyone trying to relieve back pain.

picture of Sarah Stockett doing pilates leg slides

Pilates Leg Slides–the Essential Exercise for DIY Hip and Back Pain Therapy

By Sarah Stockett | May 1, 2020

Pilates leg slides challenge you to keep your spine in neutral while sliding your leg along the mat. It sounds easy, but it is not.

a closeup picture of the Imprint Pilates exercise

The Imprint Pilates Exercise–The #1 Exercise for Back Therapy

By Sarah Stockett | April 27, 2020

The Imprint Pilates exercise is commonly used to strengthen the core and relieve low back pain. Unfortunately, many people miss this one crucial step.

a picture of pilates table top position

Pilates Table Top Position—The First Exercise You Need to Learn Before Starting Pilates

By Sarah Stockett | April 2, 2020

If you want to start learning Pilates, there’s one important exercise you need to learn before almost all the others—Pilates Table top position.

how to practice pilates breathing

Pilates Breathing: The #1 Exercise to Help You Relieve Your Aches + Pains and Recover from Injury

By Sarah Stockett | March 5, 2020

Whether you have aches + pains or whether you’re trying to recover from an injury, Pilates breathing is the very first exercise you should do.

pilates side leg series legs and upper body lift

How to Use the Pilates Side Leg Series as a Form of Do-It-Yourself Hip Therapy

By Sarah Stockett | February 27, 2020

The Pilates Side leg series is more than just 5 exercises to work your legs. When done correctly, these exercises can help relieve hip pain.

a picture of pilates side bend

Strengthen Your Core and Shoulder Muscles with Pilates Side Bend

By Sarah Stockett | July 19, 2019

Pilates Side bend is a classic Mat exercise. It looks simple, but if your scapular stabilizers and spinal muscles are dysfunctional, it’s challenging.

a picture of the classic version of the Pilates Hundred exercise

Beginner, Expert, or In-Between–7 Versions of the Pilates Hundred Exercise That Will Strengthen Your Core

By Sarah Stockett | July 11, 2019

The Pilates Hundred exercise is a great choice for strengthening your core. Plus, with these seven variations, you can choose the style that’s best for you!

the starting position for practicing the Pilates Side kick kneeling classic mat exercise

How to Do Pilates Side Kick Kneeling Like a Pro

By Sarah Stockett | June 28, 2019

Pilates Side kick kneeling is one of those classic Pilates exercises that looks easier than it is. For that reason, many teachers leave it for the pros.

pilates arm circles on the arc barrel

How to Use Pilates Arm Circles to Open Your Upper Back

By Sarah Stockett | June 22, 2019

When your upper back gets tight, you want to find a quick and effective way to stretch it. Pilates Arm circles on the Arc barrel is the exercise for you.

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