Pilates Leg Series: Weekend Workout! 3-11-17

Welcome to Weekend Workout!, a 20-30 minute Pilates and yoga-inspired workout. This week, we’re focusing on the Pilates leg series, but we have some other Pilates leg exercises as well.

One leg circles is one of the additional exercises. In this exercise, we move the leg in a circle. This is called circumduction.

Circumduction, a controlled circular movement of a limb from its joint, is the best way to trim your thighs. So, for those looking for trimmer thighs, I have leg circles especially for you!

For those wanting to work the outer parts of the legs, or “saddle bags,” the side-lying series will be important for you.  Please note that there is no real way to target an area to lose fat. These exercises are to help you build strength in weak areas and to firm and tone your legs in general.

Are there any particular exercises you’re wanting me to incorporate or any areas you want to work? Simply comment below.

Pilates Leg Series:  Weekend Workout!

I start with Imprint and some Arm reaches. Here are links to refresh your memory about how to do these exercises.

Please enjoy this week’s workout!

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