Pilates for Neck Pain–Get Rid of Neck Pain with This Easy Workout!

The other day my dad called and said that he hurt himself, did I know what to do to fix neck pain. When he was shaving in the morning, a muscle twinged and his neck went out. Not one to visit any more health professionals than he has to, he was trying to get the tight muscle to relax with self-massage and muscle cream. It wasn’t working.

Now, I don’t shave my face in the morning, but I sure have woken up and wondered What the heck happened to my neck last night? Sometimes, we get our necks into funky positions and problems arise. This video is a sequence of stretches that I do with my clients when they come to me with neck pain.

Normally, Weekend Workout! is a 20-30 minute Pilates and yoga-inspired workout, but today is a little different. Today, I’m reaching into my grab bag of miscellaneous tricks and tools to help get rid of neck pain.

As always, though, if you feel like you have a neck injury, consult your physician before doing any activities. If you have seriously injured your neck, even some light stretching can mess things up for you. So, act accordingly.

For this Workout, you will need 2 dead tennis balls. You may recall that I did an article on how to use tennis balls to relieve pain. Whenever I have neck pain, I try to use the tennis balls to roll my whole spine.

Sure, the upper trap may be the cause of my problem. However, there could be adhesions connecting the upper trap to the middle trap and so on down the chain. This is why I roll the whole spine.

Fix Neck Pain Video

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If there are any exercises or activities that you’re wanting to do, let me know and they could be the topic of my next video!

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