Pilates Day: Weekend Workout! 5-6-17

Happy Pilates Day! Google tells me that the first Saturday of May every year is Pilates Day. With that in mind, today’s Weekend Workout will be exclusively Pilates.

Remember to check with your physician before beginning any new exercises or exercise program.

In the video, I don’t go into an in-depth explanation of some of the exercises that we’ve already done or that I’ve already covered in an article. The exercises we do are:

The exercises in blue are links to the article about how to do that particular exercise correctly. Feel free to check those articles out before beginning this workout.

Today’s workout runs a little long. It’s 32 minutes long, so be sure to set aside that amount of time for your workout.

Pilates Day Video

Here is the video. Please enjoy.

Remember, if there are any topics or exercises that you’d like to see, leave me a message in the comments section below.

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