cartoon about perspectivePerspective is a shifting, changing opinion of your current state. It’s a compare and contrast with past incidents or, at least, what you can recall of them.

As things happen to us in life, our perspectives shift. The very best day that we had a couple of days ago might be small beans compared to the glorious day we had yesterday. Likewise, the worst pain we have ever felt might be nothing compared to our present state. Perspective is a sliding scale, a shifting paradigm.

The Worst Pain

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that she had a change of perspective. Unfortunately, her change was in regards to what amount of pain constituted a 10 on the pain scale. After years of living with rheumatoid arthritis (and all of the pain and complications that this horrible disease bring), having two kids, breaking her pelvis while pregnant with her first child, and havingsurgery  for a cervical injury, this slipped lumbar disc became the new 10. She had never felt any pain as agonizing and noted that this new pain made labor pains seem silly.

The Best Day

In contrast, only a week or two before my friend’s slipped disc, we had about half an inch of ice and a dusting of snow. It was freezing outside, maybe 5 degrees in the middle of the day. However, at the site of snow, my 5-year-old insisted on sledding. As the weather was less than my ideal, my husband took him.

They played for 15 minutes, came in for hot cocoa, and my son declared it to be “the best day of his life.” I thought maybe that was something that he heard somewhere and decided to repeat, but for the next few days, when I would tuck him in at night, he would tell me how that day didn’t quite measure up to the other day when he went sledding. He wasn’t upset; he was just observing.

The point of these two stories is that you never know what is coming; that’s the beauty of life. Maybe tomorrow will be the best day ever because the sun was shining and you had the best waffles you’ve ever eaten. However, it could go the other way and you could experience the worst loss or pain that you’ve ever felt. Appreciate your days for what they are, what they contain, and where they send you–even the bad ones. In our darkest hours are when we develop and grow the most.

A TED Talk on Perspective

Here is a TED talk on perspective from Rory Sutherland. It’s a little long but very interesting. Again, much thanks to YouTube for providing me with what I need.

Have you ever had something happen that changed your perspective? Let me know in the comments, please!

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