Origin to Insertion, Insertion to Origin Ab Work: Weekend Workout! 4-29-17

If you have studied muscles, you know that the rectus abdominis can move from origin to insertion and insertion to origin. These are two different movements that feel very differently. Think of comparing Imprint to Ab prep. Sometimes, it’s easy to recruit the muscles needed for one of the exercises and not the other. For that reason, it is important to challenge our bodies with both kinds of movement.

That is what we’ll be doing in this Weekend Workout!

Today’s Exercises

Weekend Workout! is a 20-30 minute Pilates and yoga-inspired workout. This week, we will be doing Pilates.

The origin of the rectus abdominis is at the pubis and the insertion is on the fifth-seventh ribs. When we move origin to insertion, we are using muscles to bring to pubis toward the ribs. It doesn’t mean that they have to touch or anything; it just means that we’re moving in that direction.

Some examples of moving origin to insertion are: Imprint, Roll over, and Hip rolls.

Some examples of moving insertion to origin are: Ab prep, The Hundred, and Roll up. This can also include any ab exercise where your upper body is lifted off the floor such as Single leg stretch, Double leg stretch, Obliques, and Scissors.

As you can see, there is quite an imbalance in the number of exercises for each type of movement. However, in fairness, I don’t imagine the origin to insertion movements are used quite as often in regular life as the insertion to origin movements. Frequently, though, we do move insertion to origin like when we’re picking something up.

Origin to Insertion Video

Here is this week’s workout video!

What did you think? Can you feel the difference between the two movements? Let us know in the comments below.

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