How to Choose the Best Orb Massage Ball

From the first moment I tried it, I have loved my blue Orb massage ball. However, I still wondered if I was using the best Orb ball for me. Here’s a guide to help you choose what’s best for you.

When I got my first Orb massage ball, I bought it as a research tool. I was writing about the best methods of myofascial release and read that in order to have the best experience, you need to use an object with some grip so your skin can glide on the surface of your muscles.

Luckily, Amazon was there for me. I shopped around a little and found the original Orb. At the time, I figured that I would try out this product, write my post, and send it back to the manufacturer. 

From my very first second on the Orb, I knew that it was a keeper. It helped me stretch my very tight and tricky-to-access piriformis muscle in a way that no other myofascial release tools could. Even tennis balls and lacrosse balls didn’t feel quite as good as this blue Orb ball.

There was no question that I loved my Orb, but I still wondered if I had made the correct choice. Was the blue Orb massage ball the best one for me, or should I have gotten the Orb Extreme or the Orb Extreme Mini?

I’m happy to say that I now have the answer. Thanks to the folks at Pro-Tec Athletics, the manufacturer of the Orb, I got to try out both versions of the Orb Extreme balls. Here’s what I thought about these two black Orb balls and how to decide which Orb is best for you.

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My Review of the Orb Extreme

The Orb Extreme is larger than the Orb Extreme Mini, but a little bit smaller than the regular blue or pink Orb massage ball. Officially, it’s 4.5″. It has firm nubs on it that give under pressure, so you will be able to get deeper into your muscles without bruising yourself.

Initial Observation

The Orb Extreme is half an inch smaller than the regular Orb ball. The core of the Orb Extreme seems similar to the core of the regular Orb ball. The main difference is that relatively soft peaks cover the Orb Extreme. Unlike some other massage balls, these points are firm yet yielding. I can press a single peak and feel it give beneath my thumb, but I can’t depress multiple peaks at the same time.

Because the Orb Extreme has a slightly smaller surface area, you can guess that your rolling experience may feel a little more intense. Whenever you put your body weight on a smaller surface area, you will increase the intensity of whatever you’re doing.

How Did It Feel?

I anticipated that the Orb Extreme might be a little bit more intense than the regular Orb. However, with only half an inch difference in size and soft peaks on the ball, I was skeptical that there would really be that much difference.

Boy, was I surprised! Yes, the Orb Extreme definitely delivers on its promise of taking your therapeutic rolling session to the next level. I tried all of my go-to rolling exercises and found this to be true–the Orb Extreme intensifies your rolling session.

My Review of the Orb Extreme Mini

The Orb Extreme Mini is the smallest of the Orb massage balls. It measures 3″ and appears to be just slightly larger than a lacrosse ball. Like the Orb Extreme, it has firm nubs on it that give under pressure.

Initial Observation

I noticed that the Orb Extreme Mini appears to be a smaller version of the Orb Extreme. The solid foam core, soft foam peaks, and even the black color are all identical.

With it being a smaller size, I’m going to guess that the regular muscle rolling is going to be even more intense. (Remember, the smaller the surface area beneath your body weight, the more intense your experience.) I also think that the smaller size will allow the Orb Extreme Mini to fit into some places that the other Orbs are too big for.

How Did It Feel?

Rolling with the Orb Extreme Mini was exactly as I expected. When I rolled my standard spots like my glutes and hamstrings, it was more intense.

However, when I shifted over to get my piriformis, I discovered that this smaller Orb was able to get much deeper into my hip socket than the other Orb balls. In my opinion, rolling the piriformis with the Orb Extreme Mini is significantly more intense (and beneficial) than with either of the larger Orbs. 

Plus, the Orb Extreme Mini can be used on smaller areas like your neck, the soles of your feet, and around your shoulder blades. To really open your shoulders, try placing the Orb Extreme Mini between the edge of your shoulder blade and your spine while you’re on your back. Then, move your arm in all directions. I was surprised by how badly my body needed this exercise.

How to Choose the Best Orb Massage Ball

In my opinion, all three of the Orb balls are wonderful products. If you want to relieve pain with a deep tissue massage ball, the Orb is a great choice. However, it’s important that you choose the Orb ball that’s best for you.

Try the original Orb ball if you:

  • have never rolled before,
  • haven’t been rolling in a while, or
  • are experiencing pain from muscle tightness.

Consider using the Orb Extreme if you are an experienced roller or think you will end up requiring a more intense ball in the near future.

Check out the Orb Extreme Mini if you:

  • have smaller areas you want to work on like your neck or feet,
  • think you will want to have a more intense ball, or
  • want a smaller ball that is more convenient for travel.

If I Could Only Have One…

If I could only have one Orb massage ball, I would choose the Orb Extreme Mini. With my piriformis and neck tightness, I think this Orb ball could easily meet my needs and give me the pain relief that I’m seeking. Plus, I really like how easy it is to take with me when I’m on the go.

Buy an Orb

Special thanks to Pro-Tec Athletics for sponsoring this post.

To buy an Orb, click on any of the links below and you’ll be redirected to Amazon’s website. Because I am an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission on each sale at no extra charge to you. Here are the links to all three of the Orbs:

More About Orbs

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Or, as I mentioned earlier, if you want a complete, printable free guide about how to roll your entire body, click here for your copy of The Secret to Immediate + Lasting Pain Relief. Because, after all, rolling is the magical ingredient to keep your body pain-free.

Do you have an Orb massage ball that you love? Let us know which one in the comments below.

Watch the video below to see what happened when I rolled on the Orb Extreme and the Orb Extreme Mini for the first time.

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