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My Allergy Relief from Eating Paleo

allergy relief from eating paleoAlthough I had had allergies for years, they got significantly worse when I was pregnant with my first son. I figured that this was just one of the many quirks of pregnancy. However, when my allergies were still just as bad months after giving birth, I was desperate for allergy relief.

I turned to my trust friend, Google, and got lots of good ideas. Many of them didn’t work. However, I did read something that got me thinking. Maybe I was eating something that was giving me mild allergic reactions. That is when I decided to try the Paleo diet.

My Allergies

Years before I was pregnant, I was tested for allergies. The test showed that I was allergic to:

  • cats (I had 3 indoor),
  • dogs (I had one indoor),
  • feathers (oddly, we were raising 3 baby robins and they were indoor at night),
  • mold, and
  •  dust.

Essentially, I was completely and totally hosed. I did my best to keep my allergies at bay by taking allergy medicines. I also discovered that jogging helped reduce my allergies.

However, when I got pregnant, my allergies went completely nuts. At the time, it was okay for pregnant women to take Zyrtec-D. And boy, did I! I took that pill twice a day. In fact, it was so crucial that I could tell what time of day it was based off of how badly my face hurt.

Even now, about 7 years later, I remember that 6:00 was my magic hour. It worked because that was when I woke up and also right after I taught Pilates class. I remember that some of the classes I felt like a total druggie. In a mad rush to get to the Zyrtec-D pill that I kept in my car, I would cut conversations short and rush people out of the building.

I always figured that this was some sort of temporary punishment that would go away over time after I gave birth. That was incorrect. I waited and waited for relief. Finally, one day I decided that I was done waiting.

As always, I turned to my trusty friend, Google. It felt like I read every article I could about getting rid of these horrible allergies. I tried many suggestions, but I still didn’t have any relief.

Finally, it occurred to me that maybe my food was making me sick. I looked into the Paleo diet and decided it was worth a try.

In less than a month (during peak allergy season for me), I noticed a significant improvement in my allergies. After a whole month of eating Paleo, I didn’t have any allergies at all. Plus, I noticed that I was losing weight.

What Is Paleo?

Essentially, the Paleo diet eliminates foods that your body doesn’t process correctly. By eliminating these foods, you can help provide relief to your body. Some of the foods that are eliminated while on the Paleo diet are:

  • beans,
  • legumes,
  • peanuts,
  • corn,
  • dairy,
  • sugar,
  • wheat,
  • rice,
  • other grains, and
  • white potatoes.

In her book, Practical Paleo, Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC advises that you adjust these food restrictions based on your personal heritage. For example, someone from Ireland probably doesn’t have trouble digesting white potatoes. Therefore, it would be appropriate for them to incorporate this food into their diet. So, make sure to think of these food restrictions as guidelines and not rules.

How Can It Provide Allergy Relief?

When you eat a food that doesn’t agree with you, your body sort of has to fight that food. It’s like your body perceives that the food item isn’t supposed to be there, so it tries to work like an aggressive bouncer to get it out.

This creates some inflammation. As you keep eating these foods that your body doesn’t process correctly, the inflammation accumulates and can manifest in several different ways (allergies are just one way). When you quit eating these foods, you reduce the inflammation in your body. You can see the benefits in several different ways, including allergy relief.

More Information

For more information about why you should eat the Paleo diet and how it can benefit your body, I suggest you read Practical Paleo. Recently, I listed the first edition as my favorite cookbook because of the wonderful information, recipes, and meal plans provided. I believe this second edition that is out right now contains even more wonderful recipes!

Have you tried eating the Paleo diet for health reasons? Let us know what you were wanting to accomplish and if it helped in the comments section below.

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