How to Use Meditation for Pain Management

In this post:  After I broke my neck, I experienced pain that medication couldn’t fix. I tried meditation for pain management to feel better, and I’m happy to say that it helped. If you are living with pain, give this mental pain-relief technique a try. 

A while ago, I fell while playing baseball with my kids and broke my neck. Even though I had the best break situation possible, I still had some pain and discomfort. In the first week after the accident, I had a day that was particularly difficult. That was when I started practicing meditation for pain management.

meditation for pain managementMy head was hurting where my cervical collar pressed into my skull, and the spot above my eye where my eyebrow was glued shut ached. The pain seemed to radiate and throb. From my brow, up over my head, down the back to the base of my skull. It was a constant, intense line of pain.

I tried to rest. Pain.

I took medicine. Pain.

The only thing left was to try to work from within.

Here are two different meditation that I have used to feel better. I hope that they work as well for you as they did for me.  

Meditation for Pain Management

Meditation for pain management is very common. One of my friends with rheumatoid arthritis took a class at the Mayo Clinic specifically geared to relaxation as a pain management tool. If you’re interested, here’s a link to their Pain Management Program Handbook.

My Meditation


Find a comfortable position. Some people like to be seated on the floor, but I prefer to be on my back in bed.

Close your eyes. Imagine your body is a raised garden bed. Pieces of wood outline your body and keep your greenery contained. 

Imagine looking at your garden. Understand that everything within the garden correlates directly to what is within you. Study the plants and the growth. Do you see any empty spots? Do you see different plants?

Now, see yourself as a gardener approaching the garden bed.

As you meditate, the garden is your body, the gardener is your mind, and your spirit is reflected as the observer.

Watch your gardener self observe the garden. Notice how your gardener knows exactly where to go to root out the cause of your pain. As the gardener locates weeds in your garden, watch as he/she twirls the weed around his/her hand and deliberately removes the plant. Feel the relief in your body as the gardener removes a source of pain.

Notice how the garden and gardener seem to communicate with each other. See how the gardener may start to remove a weed, stop, and readjust to grasp more appropriately. When the garden and gardener communicate, they can work together to find the true source of the issue.

As the gardener works, allow yourself to relax and feel the relief of pain leaving your body.


Meditation for Pain Management Video

I know sometimes it can be hard to read suggestions and put all the steps into action. So, I created a video to help out. Here is a video for people who would rather practice a meditation guided by someone else–me.

In this video, I help you release tension one body part at a time. It’s a different method from the one listed above, but it’s still effective for pain relief.

Looking for More Options?

meditation for pain management

These are just two examples of how you can meditate for pain relief. If they don’t suit you, there are plenty other versions out there–don’t give up!

Just keep trying, and you’ll find a technique that works for you. A quick search on YouTube for “meditation for pain management” will produce many appropriate videos.

I hope you find a meditation that helps you relax as much as this woman and her dog.

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Do you use meditation as a pain relief technique? Let us know how you practice in the comments below.

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