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How to Do Lower and Lift Prone on the Pilates Arc Barrel

Inside: If you want to tone your tush, try Lower and lift prone on the Pilates Arc barrel. This easy exercise can give you the strength and firmness you desire.

When people think of Lower and lift, they normally think of the version that you do on your back–the ab strengthener. Because this classic Pilates exercise is part of Reformer, Cadillac, and barrel exercise routines; it’s naturally the first one to come to mind.

However, when you’re on the barrels, there is another version of Lower and lift that you can do. This version is the tush-toning version.

It’s crucial to incorporate both versions in your workouts because the abdominal muscles and gluteus maximus (your tush) are important core muscles. You want to make sure to strengthen all your core muscles evenly so you can be stronger and less likely to get injured.

Goodbye, low back pain!

Here’s what you need to know to strengthen your glutes with Lower and lift prone on the Pilates Arc barrel.

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How to Do Lower and Lift Prone on the Pilates Arc Barrel

Lower and Lift Prone on the Pilates Arc Barrel

  1. Place the Arc barrel so the curve seems like a bump in the road on your mat.
  2. Carefully, lower yourself onto your stomach over the Arc barrel
    Your hips should be near the apex of the barrel. You will probably feel your knees on one side of the barrel and your forehead on the other side.
  3. I like to stack my hands on top of each other and rest my forehead on top.
  4. If it feels like your pubic bone (the front part of your crotch) is painfully pressing into the barrel, slide a towel or piece of foam under the front of your hips. This should help alleviate any discomfort.
  5. Use Pilates breathing. Inhale through your nose to lift your abdominals away from the barrel.
  6. Exhale through pursed lips to straighten and lift both of your legs so that they’re approximately in line with your hips. Feel your adductors (inner thighs) hug toward each other, and make sure that both of your kneecaps are facing the mat.
  7. Inhale to lower your straight legs slightly toward the mat.
  8. Exhale to lift your legs up near hip level again. As you lift, you should not feel any changes to the curve of your low back. You also shouldn’t feel any low back pain. If you do, take a break to relax, re-engage your abdominals, and try again.
  9. Complete 5-10 reps in parallel.
  10. Then, when your legs are at hip level, laterally rotate your legs from the hips so your kneecaps face away from each other.
  11. Inhale to lower your straight legs toward the floor.
  12. Exhale to lift them to hip level.
  13. Complete 5-10 reps.
  14. When you are finished, lower your legs all the way to the mat and allow your knees to bend.

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Lower and Lift Prone on the Pilates Arc Barrel Video

As you practice Lower and lift prone on the Pilates Arc barrel, make sure that you’re not trying to lift your legs with your low back. This is not correct, and it will cause low back pain. Furthermore, you still won’t be toning your tush!

So, remember to keep your abdominals lifted toward your spine, and lift your legs with your glutes. If they don’t seem to want to work, just poke the cushy part of your tush with your finger to help wake up the muscle.

Use Lower and lift prone on the Pilates Arc barrel to strengthen your glutes, tone your tush, and help you build a stronger core. All of these perks will help keep you pain-free.

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What do you think? Do you feel your glutes work when you practice Lower and lift prone on the Pilates Arc barrel? Let us know in the comments below.

Here is a video of how to do Lower and lift prone on the Pilates Arc barrel for all the visual learners out there.

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