Here’s a Quick Yoga Pose That Will Calm Your Nerves

Inside:  Parivrtta Paschimottanasana is another wonderful rotation that allows you to calm your nerves and reset your central nervous system.

Any time you add rotation to a yoga pose, you multi-task and get additional benefits. In Paschimottanasana, you lengthen the hamstrings and stretch the spine. You can also relieve sciatica. When you add rotation, you reset your central nervous system, balance your spine, and massage your internal organs. Here’s more about how to practice Parivrtta Paschimottanasana.

Parivrtta Paschimottanasana

  1. Take a seat on the mat with your legs straight in front of you.
  2. We will use ujjayi breathing.
  3. Begin in Dandasana. Make sure that your femurs are medially rotated and that you can feel your SITs bones pressing firmly into the ground.
  4. Zipper your adductors (inner thighs) together, and draw your belly button toward your spine.
  5. Lift out of your hips and allow your pelvis to hinge forward. Keep a straight spine while you let your pelvis hinge.
  6. Reach your left hand across the midline of your body to grab the outside edge of your right foot. To make this grip happen, you have to internally rotate your left shoulder and turn your thumb toward the ground.
  7. Reach your right hand for the tips of your toes on your right foot.
  8. Inhale here.
  9. As you exhale, rotate to the right so that you’re peeking under your right arm. Allow your left arm to help you rotate through, but don’t grip or push. Make sure your rotation comes from your spinal muscles and not from any ego + arm muscle combination.
  10. Hold and breathe for 5-8 breaths.
  11. As you inhale, lengthen; soften as you exhale.
  12. Carefully release your top arm and rotate back to center.
  13. Repeat steps 6-12 for the other side. Remember, your right hand will reach across the midline of your body for the outside edge of your left foot. Your left arm will reach for the tips of your left toes. Then, you rotate to the left.

Parivrtta Paschimottanasana Video

Here is a video for visual learners.

Do you prefer Paschimottanasana or Parivrtta Paschimottanasana? Let us know in the comments below.

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