How to Use Baking Soda and Coconut Oil for Skin Cancer Treatment

Do you remember last spring when I told you that my friend was using baking soda and coconut oil for skin cancer on her leg? Well, that experiment worked and now she’s using the same method to treat a spot on her face.

baking soda and coconut oil:  a homeopathic treatment for skin issues

Last spring, one of my best friends told me that she was homeopathically treating a spot of basil cell carcinoma on her leg. To say I was skeptical about her potential success is an understatement.

Back when she and I were kids, sunscreen wasn’t even a thing. It certainly wasn’t something your mom made you put on before you could go swimming. Now, we are paying the price for our carefree, sun-filled days. Each year brings dermatologist visits to have spots checked and removed.

At least, this has been the reality for my fair-skinned friend. After a basil cell carcinoma spot returned to her leg after treatment, she decided to conduct her own science experiment and see if she could get the spot to go away for good. With help from a baking soda and coconut oil mix, apple cider vinegar, and Neosporin; she got her spot to go away. Knock on wood–it hasn’t come back yet.

When she noticed the return of another spot that had received treatment in the past, she decided to conduct a similar experiment. This time, the spot is on her face. Here’s more about her journey to clear up a basil cell carcinoma spot on her face.

The Spot

“It’s like I have a piece of glass in my face.”

My friend, Nea, told me this like it was a thing I should relate to, like having a piece of glass in one’s face is something that everyone experiences from time to time. I thankfully can’t relate, but I can imagine how horribly painful that must be. Only, in her situation, it’s not really a piece of glass; it’s a piece of cancer and it keeps growing larger and causing more pain.

After having seven different treatments throughout her life to remove this spot, it came back again this fall. Sure, it was an option to have the spot lasered again. However, after her successful treatment of the spot on her leg, she decided to try out her treatment on her face.

The Treatment Regimen

Nea made a paste with baking soda and coconut oil. She applied the paste to the spot, which was on her cheek near her nose.

After allowing the mixture to sit on her skin for four or five hours, she washed it off. There was a red spot from the treatment, so Nea secured some apple cider vinegar-soaked cotton balls on the spot. She left the cotton balls on for another four or five hours.

To her surprise, when she removed the cotton balls, she noticed a reaction near the side of her nose and also on the very tip of her nose. She started incorporating these two new spots in her treatment regimen. Nea continued alternating the baking soda and coconut oil paste with some apple cider vinegar-soaked cotton balls.

Whenever there was inflammation, she would use a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide to clean the inflamed area. The idea is to let the hydrogen peroxide briefly kill germs, then wash it completely off your face. The whole process of putting the hydrogen peroxide on, letting it set, and taking it off should only take a couple of minutes.

After several days of treatment, she started incorporating Neosporin. The key to Neosporin use is to put it far away from (and not directly on) your wound. You want to get the benefit of the anti-bacterial properties while still encouraging whatever is inside you to get out of your body. At this point, you do not want your wound to heal–you want it to drain.

Keep repeating the steps until it seems like everything has drained out of your treatment area.

The Healing Process

Nea and I got together the night before we filmed the how-to video below. When we went to dinner, she had her wounds open to the air. I could see that there were some deep parts to the wound and some more superficial spots. At the time, I would have sworn that her wound on her cheek was in a straight line.

However, when we filmed the video the very next morning, it was horseshoe-shaped.

The day after we filmed, Nea sent me this picture.

baking soda and coconut oil for skin cancer

In one day, the horseshoe-shaped wound on her cheek seemed to heal and close while the spot on her nose turned into a big, black butterfly. In addition to the black wound, you can see that the whole top of her nose swelled. This swelling was from the tip of her nose up past the bridge.

The following day, she sent me this picture:

baking soda and coconut oil for skin cancer

The black butterfly is obviously gone, and the swelling and inflammation is greatly reduced. It looks like a tiny spot on the bridge of the nose has also opened up.

The Verdict–So Far

I’m very happy to report that it seems like everything has healed. Nea said that she doesn’t feel the piece of glass in her skin, and the flaky skin that she had noticed on several spots on her face–the spots that ended up being additional treatment spots–have all gone away. I’m so hopeful that this will finally get rid of this pesky, persistent skin cancer for my friend.

If You Think You Might Have Skin Cancer…

If you think you might have skin cancer, go to the doctor! Any time you suspect that you may have cancer of any kind, your first step should absolutely be to see the doctor. Take care of yourself and your health. However, if you are trying to clear up some skin issues that may or may not be skin cancer-related, I know a gal who had great success with baking soda and coconut oil.

The How-To Video

We filmed a video about Nea’s whole process to get rid of this basil cell carcinoma spot. This is not intended to substitute professional, medical advice. However, if you give this a try, we hope that it helps you heal.

Searching for More?

If you want more information about my friend’s quest to self-cure her cancer, check out “You Did What?! — My Best Friend’s Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Cure for Skin Cancer.

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