How to Get Rid of Weather-Related Headaches

For a couple years now, I’ve had weather-related headaches. As soon as a storm front would start coming in or the barometric pressure would start to change, I’d get intense pain. Honestly, I had come to grips with the notion that I would probably have these headaches for the rest of my life.

However, I’ve found a cure! One physical therapy exercise for my broken neck has gotten rid of all my headaches, not just the weather-related ones. Here’s what I’m doing to feel better.

Lacrosse Balls

lacrosse ball skull massageI’ve already written about how wonderful lacrosse balls are as a massage tool, but this exercise that I do was new to me. I’m so grateful that my physical therapist taught me this massage.

At the time, we were working on loosening up the muscles on the back of my skull. However, this is now my go-to method for getting rid of headaches. Plus, I haven’t had a weather-related headache since I started doing this exercise.

What to Do

  1. Get 2 lacrosse balls. It’s important that these balls are identical in size and density, but they don’t have to be the same color.
  2. Place the balls in a pillowcase or a long sock. Right now, I’m using one of my husband’s socks with arch support. I find that this helps keep the lacrosse balls close together while still allowing some space between the two of them. If you’re using a pillowcase, place both balls close to each other at the end of the pillowcase. Give it a spin a few times to make sure that everything is secured in place.
  3. Lay down on the ground and place the lacrosse balls at the base of your skull. Make sure that the balls are up just above your neck. It’s okay to use the lacrosse balls to massage your spine (always to the side of each vertebrae, never directly on top). However, we’re trying to get the muscles on the back of your skull.
  4. Choose different positions on the back of your head. Let your head rock from side to side. Whenever you find a tight spot, hang out for a little while. If your tension starts to go away, good. However, if you feel yourself tense in response to the pain, pick a new spot. This spot is not good for you today.
  5. Take your time and work around the back and sides of the lower part of your skull. Make sure to keep breathing while you’re trying to find tight muscles and get them to relax.

Other Ideas

If you’re still having weather-related headaches after trying to work with the lacrosse balls a couple of times, it may be time to consider other options. First, if your headaches are severe, you should always contact your doctor. Your doctor can order imaging, medicine, or other things that may be necessary for your recovery.

Also, take a look at the foods you’re eating. A while ago, I tried a version of the Paleo diet that mostly just eliminated grains, corn, peanuts, and sugar. I was astounded at how my “seasonal allergies” seemed to disappear once I quit eating these trigger foods.

Unbeknownst to me, I was filling myself with foods that triggered slight allergic reactions. Taken one at a time, these allergic reactions weren’t very significant. However, when I started constantly eating these foods, my allergies became a real problem.

Additionally, take a moment to think about the stress in your life. If you feel like you’re particularly stressed out right now, that could be a cause of some of your pain.

With spring around the corner, it seems likely that the weather-related headaches will begin. I really hope that you can use the lacrosse balls and these additional tips to ease your pain.

What’s your trick to get rid of a weather-related headache? Let us know in the comments below.

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