How to Get Rid of Flea Bites on Humans

If you’re reading this, you or someone you love is probably experiencing how annoying flea bites are. When I had three flea bites, I started experimenting on myself. Here’s what I learned about how to get rid of flea bites on humans.

flea bites on a human
It would be inappropriate for me to show you my flea bites, so thanks to for the image.

This past winter, I got some itchy bumps around the bottom of my hairline. At first, I thought they were hives or some form of allergy. I tried to leave them alone, but I’m a bump-smoother or, as my mom says, a picker. As soon as I scratched those bumps off, the itching stopped and I had no more issues.

In fact, I didn’t think about those bumps until I got three in a very uncomfortable area. Then, I became worried. What were these bumps and why did I have them, I wondered. I looked down at my lap cat and saw a flea crawl out from between his eyes.

Flea bites. I got flea bites from my lap cat and constant writing companion.

Help Me, Google!

Once I figured out I had a flea situation, I took to Google. You can find tons of information about how to get rid of fleas on animals, how to get rid of fleas in your house, and how to treat flea bites on cats.

But I couldn’t find anything on how to treat flea bites on humans! I found out that most flea bites on humans are on the head or neck, where your pets might sleep at night. However, aside from a recommendation to treat your bites as you would a mosquito bite (don’t scratch it), I couldn’t find anything.

The Disclaimer

Now, I’m not a medical professional, and I have no idea how the medical world feels about flea bites on humans. However, I’m going to share my personal observations and what I did to get rid of my flea bites.

My Observations

I had three very visible flea bites, so I decided to observe them. They itched like crazy, and all three were about the same size. There didn’t appear to be any sort of center or plug to the bite.

After I took a shower, I noticed that the bite areas were not itchy and kind of flacid. It looked like I had loose skin where the bites were, which was really gross looking. I decided that I’d pick one and see what happened.

Get Rid of Flea Bites on Humans

I took the loose skin off of one of the bites. It didn’t particularly hurt, and I felt very gratified that one bump had been smoothed. The open bite bled more than I expected. In fact, it bled enough that I decided to put a little Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it.

I was surprised to discover that the bump removal got rid of any itchiness that I previously felt in that particular area. It was very easy to leave the area alone and let it heal. After the first day, I was able to remove the Band-Aid and let the spot heal.

I noticed that, after a short time, my spot started to have a bump and get itchy again. I decided to pick the scab and make sure that I really drained whatever might be in there. Again, I cleaned the area then put on Neosporin and a Band-Aid. This time the treatment worked and the skin grew back completely smooth, flat and without a mark.

The Other Two Spots

As I was observing the first treatment spot, I still observed the other two spots. They both itched just as much as the first day they showed up. I noticed that gradually after showers, the skin in the bite area would sort of fill up into a bump and start to itch.

So, it got to the point that I realized that I could sit around with an itchy crotch and wait for these bites to go away, or I could remove another bump and leave only one itchy spot. That’s what I decided to do.

A Mistake

At first, I tried to remove bite two before my shower. That was a mistake. When you mess with the bite when it’s all full, you end up hurting and bruising yourself. Plus, nothing really drains and the itchiness persists. The next day, I removed bite two after my shower, and everything went smoothly.

Respect the Process

Bite by bite, I tried to pay attention to any messages that my body might be sending me. With the itchiness persisting in the third bite area, I knew I had to do something. Once the second bite treatment area healed, I took a shower and removed the third. By the time the third bite area healed, the scar was just going away from when I tried to remove the second bite before my shower.

Why Am I Sharing This?

I was really disappointed at the lack of information and potential solutions for people suffering from flea bites. In fact, it kind of made me angry. With the digital age, I guess I just suppose that the answer for everything should be out there on the internet. So, I decided to share my answer.

Although I’m not a medical professional and there is no sort of medical backing behind this, I just wanted people to know that this is what I tried and what worked for me. I hope that this helps or maybe that it gives you an idea for something else that you could try.

Do you have a trick to get rid of flea bites on humans? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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