How to Do Side Kick Kneeling Like a Pro

Inside:  Side kick kneeling is one of those classic Pilates exercises that looks easier than it is. For that reason, many teachers leave it for the pros. Here’s how to do this exercise like a pro.

side kick kneelingIt’s not surprising that many of the classic Pilates exercises look easier than they actually are. Side kick kneeling is one of those exercises. When you see someone demonstrate it, you might think, “Okay, I got it. No problem.”

However, once you start to get into the position, you start to realize that you were fooled. If just getting into the starting position is tricky for you, take some time to breathe and let your side body open up before you add movement. Here’s how to practice Side kick kneeling.

Side Kick Kneeling

  1. Begin kneeling. Your position on your mat doesn’t matter for this exercise.
  2. Take a moment and press the floor away with your knees. Feel your spine grow taller.
  3. Broaden your collarbones.
  4. Draw your belly button toward your spine.
  5. Inhale your arms up toward the ceiling.
  6. Lift your rib cage up and over as you bend to the left side. Let your left hand lower so that it’s on the floor directly beneath your left shoulder. Allow your right leg to lift to hip height.
  7. Bend your right elbow and place your fingertips behind your right ear.
  8. Hold your abdominals so that your pelvis doesn’t shift as your move your leg.
  9. Use Pilates breathing.
  10. Inhale and kick your right leg straight forward with a pointed foot.
  11. Exhale and reach your right leg behind you.
  12. Stay stable through your left leg as your right leg moves. Don’t let your hips shift.
  13. Complete 3-5 kicks with the right leg.
  14. Bend the right leg, lower it beside the left leg, and return to upright.
  15. Repeat steps 2-12 for the other side, allowing the right leg to be grounded and the left leg to lift.

Side Kick Kneeling Video

Here is a video for visual learners.

I just love how Pilates exercises look so easy right up until you try them. This one is definitely one of those deceiving Pilates exercises. What other Pilates exercises have tricked you? Let us know in the comments below.

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