Crow Pose Sequence: Weekend Workout!

Crow pose is one of my favorite yoga poses, so I decided to create a Crow pose sequence. All of the exercises that we will do are specifically selected to help make Crow pose feel easier. My goal is that this workout will make Crow pose more accessible and less intimidating.

In today’s workout, we will use ujjayi breathing. We will ground then begin a sequence of yoga poses including Virasana, Downward facing dog, Sun Salutation B, Warrior 2, Side angle, Triangle pose, Malasana, Crow pose, and Savasana.

Weekend Workout! is a 20-30 minute Pilates and yoga-inspired free workout video. Every Saturday, there is a new free workout for you.

So, let’s say there’s an exercise or yoga pose that you’ve been wanting to try. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll be glad to incorporate your suggestion into a video.

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Crow Pose Sequence Video

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Sarah Stockett is STOTT certified in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, & Barrels, Injuries & Special Populations, and CORE; a Yoga Alliance RYT-200; and has studied Active Isolated Stretching. When she is not trying to discover the best exercises to get rid of pain, she likes watching movies and travelling with her family.

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