What is Core Suspend?

Core Suspend
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As you might guess from the title, Core Suspend involves suspension. In a Core Suspend class, you use your bodyweight as resistance. The suspension of your bodyweight triggers the deep stabilizers of the body to contract and support the joints. This helps the body learn proper movement patterns without over-thinking your movements.

The unique Suspend sling system can provide many health benefits for participants. It can help with spinal decompression. Because the slings allow for multiple planes of movement, the body can perform balanced exercises that develop incredible strength, balance and flexibility simultaneously.

The Creator of Core Suspend

Ole Eugenio created Core Suspend. To further develop it and make it truly part of Systems of Smart Movement, he worked with Monica Hoekstra, the creator and founder of Core Barre and Systems of Smart Movement.

You might be wondering So, what paths do you take through life to get to the point where you develop an aerial fitness class? I know I was! Here is more information about Ole’s background:

  • studied gymnastics as a child
  • began a fitness career in competitive aerobics
  • studied with Romana Kryzanowska at Joseph Pilates‘s gym in NYC in 1991
  • gained international acclaim by helping to introduce Step Aerobics and Latin Aerobics to Hong Kong and Dubai
  • become the first Filipino to be fully certified by the Stott Pilates method in 2001
  • Instructor Trainer for Stott Pilates®
  • launched his own Pilates studio in Singapore, which has grown into a chain throughout Asia
  • Certifying Instructor Trainer for Pilates Academy International (PAI)
  • Master Trainer for CORE BARRE™  and it’s systems of Smart Movement® in Asia
  • certified teacher of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®

With his love for Pilates, gymnastics, and aerobics, Ole wanted to create a class to fuse his favorite things into one exciting workout.

Core Suspend Certification

To have a Core Suspend certification, you must successfully complete one of their 3-day classes. In this time, you will learn how to properly set-up and use the suspension equipment and sling system.  You will also review the concepts of stabilization and develop the skills needed to choreograph, demonstrate, and teach a group class. For more information on Core Suspend certification, click this link.

Before you take a Core Suspend class, please make sure that your instructor is fully certified to teach.

Core Suspend Suspension Systems

Suspension systems are important and not something that I was mindful of when I was initially doing my research for Core Suspend. You see, Core Suspend is a certification that anyone can receive. Upon certification, you will be qualified to create and implement a safe class. However, it’s completely up to you or the studio where you teach about the equipment you’ll be using.

There are two main types of suspension. In one type of suspension, two straps come from one anchor. TRX is the most popular manufacturer of this type of system. Essentially, this gives you movements similar to working on a Pilates reformer. When your right arm moves, your left will move, too. The downside is that you could possibly have a situation where one side of your body is doing all the work while the other side coasts.

The second type of suspension has two anchors for two straps. Shauna Smith Yates, the Master Trainer for Systems of Smart Movement, recommends Jungle Sports for a reliable system. To continue the Pilates apparatus comparison, this two point system allows you the movement that a Cadillac would. There are no free rides with this set-up! If any muscles try to skip out on doing an exercise, you will know immediately.

A Typical Core Suspend Class

There is no such thing as a typical Core Suspend class. Every class is different. Instructors have the freedom to stylize the class however they want.


Typically, Shauna Smith Yates will do a 5 minute warm-up followed by 40 minutes of full body work. The upper body, lower body, and core will all be challenged before the 10 minute cool down. Aside from that general format, everything is up in the air! (Pun intended.)


Core Suspend Video

There are several Core Suspend videos on YouTube. Here is a link to the one that I believe they use for their marketing. You will notice the woman’s abs are very flat. They show you several times.

However, my favorite video is of my friend Christa being assisted in an inversion from my friend Shauna, the Master Trainer for Systems of Smart Movement. Please be advised, though, Christa is a badass!

Have you tried Core Suspend? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sarah Stockett is STOTT certified in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, & Barrels, Injuries & Special Populations, and CORE; a Yoga Alliance RYT-200; and has studied Active Isolated Stretching. When she is not trying to discover the best exercises to get rid of pain, she likes watching movies and travelling with her family.

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