Have Mid-Week Fun: A Happiness Tip

We all have our patterns and routines. Typically, our weeks are very standard. For most people, Monday thru Friday is the work week, and Saturday and Sunday are the weekends. On the weekends, we relax and have fun.

If you think about it, it’s lopsided to only have fun two-sevenths of the week. Plus, with the fun days falling sequentially, the other five days can really drag. That’s why my happiness tip for the month is:  Have mid-week fun time!

Mid-Week Fun with Friends

happy womenI have a group of friends that I get to see, usually on a Wednesday night, once every month or two. Sometimes we watch a movie; sometimes we eat and chat. But we always have an amazing time.

The time that I spend with these ladies is uplifting to me. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, how drained I feel, how horrible my week has been, I always try to go to friend time. When I leave, my face hurts from laughing so hard and my heart feels light and joyful. Truly, spending time with my friends on a Wednesday night leaves me feeling refreshed and energetic.

My friend Shelby had a similar experience the other day. She was feeling stressed–too much to do, too little time–when her friend called and asked what she was doing. “Folding laundry,” Shelby said.

“Great! I’ll be over to help!” her friend answered. Her friend showed up with a bottle of wine, and they drank wine and folded laundry. Because her friend was there to help, Shelby got done quickly. Then, the two sat on the couch, talked, laughed, and drank wine. Shelby said it was some of the most fun she had had in a long time.

That’s the thing about good friends. They’ll come over to help you do something like fold your laundry, and you’ll have an amazing time while doing it. Plus, your significant other might notice some benefits, too.

When you’re with your friends, you will probably vent about whatever is frustrating you. Because you’re talking about this issue with your friends, you might not bring it up to your significant other. Instead, you might tell him or her and funny story that one of your friends told you. This means you are projecting positive energy instead of negative energy.

Mid-Week Fun with Family

I find that my mid-week family fun time often involves food. Sometimes, we get a pizza and watch a movie. Other times, we go out for ice cream after dinner. Or, we might go have dinner with our friends. Doing something during the week is such a refreshing change of pace.

Happiness Tips

I’m starting a new series! The third Thursday of every month will include a new happiness tip, so stay tuned.

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If you have fun time during the week, what do you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sarah Stockett is STOTT certified in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, & Barrels, Injuries & Special Populations, and CORE; a Yoga Alliance RYT-200; and has studied Active Isolated Stretching. When she is not trying to discover the best exercises to get rid of pain, she likes watching movies and travelling with her family.

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