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Are you only looking for human anatomy posts?

Click below if you only want to read informational posts about muscles in the body, how to keep them healthy, and what to do to maintain optimal balance and strength.

a drawing of the quadratus lumborum muscle

Everything You Need to Know About Your Quadratus Lumborum Back Muscle

By Sarah Stockett | September 19, 2019

If you suspect your quadratus lumborum muscle is causing your low back pain, here’s what you need to know in order to relieve the pain yourself.

sciatica hip pain

The Complete Guide to Do-It-Yourself Sciatica Hip Pain Relief

By Sarah Stockett | September 2, 2019

Sciatica hip pain is debilitating. Without warning, a sharp zing of pain shoots down your leg and drops you to the ground. Here’s how to fix this yourself.

a drawing of the gluteus maximus muscle

Improve Your Gluteus Maximus Function and Get Rid of Hip and Back Pain

By Sarah Stockett | August 18, 2019

By improving your gluteus maximus function, you could get rid of your hip and back pain. Here’s everything you need to know to make this muscle stronger.

A drawing of all the muscles in the adductor group of muscles

The Ultimate Guide to Your Adductor Muscles–Everything You Need to Know to Be Pain-Free

By Sarah Stockett | August 18, 2019

Your adductor muscles are commonly known as your inner thighs. Here’s everything you need to know to keep these important muscles strong and healthy.

a drawing of the rectus abdominis muscle

What You Need to Know to Build a Strong Rectus Abdominis Muscle and Powerful Core

By Sarah Stockett | July 26, 2019

The rectus abdominis muscle is best known as the 6-pack abs muscle, but it’s not just lovely to look at. This muscle is one of your body’s hardest workers.

a drawing of the external oblique muscles

What You Need to Know for Strong External Oblique Muscles (and Back Pain Relief)

By Sarah Stockett | July 26, 2019

If you have ever had low back pain, a potbelly, or difficulty bending to the side or twisting; you need to learn about the external oblique muscles.

a girl with braids

Hair Grooming Syncope and Your Child: What All Parents Need to Know

By Sarah Stockett | July 13, 2019

I had never heard of hair grooming syncope, but when I learned that my niece made an unexpected trip to the hospital because of it, I started researching.

a drawing of the internal obliques abdominal muscles

What’s the #1 Muscle Anyone with Back Pain Needs to Learn About?

By Sarah Stockett | July 4, 2019

The internal obliques help us rotate, bend to the side, and bend forward. But, their ability to eliminate back and hip pain is why you’ll love them!

a drawing of the transverse abdominis muscle

Slim Your Waist by Working Your Transverse Abdominis

By Sarah Stockett | July 2, 2019

The transverse abdominis is a magical muscle. Keep it healthy, and you will be rewarded with a smaller waistline. Neglect it, and you’ll have back pain.

everything you need to know for stronger abdominal muscles

Everything You Need to Know for Stronger Abdominal Muscles

By Sarah Stockett | July 2, 2019

Having strong abdominal muscles is key to your everyday happiness. Whether you realize it or not, your abdominals are the power behind every move you make.

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