Golfer’s Weekend Workout! 5-13-17

If your weather is like ours, it’s time for golfers to be out. Because I have many friends and clients who golf, I decided to do a Golfer’s Weekend Workout!

Recently, I was talking to another fitness professional who specializes in Crossfit and golf. We discussed how much need there is for Pilates and yoga as a balancing sport. Pilates and yoga restore your body to  neutral so that you can lift more or have a better golf game tomorrow.

With that in mind, I created this workout, which is truly a combination of yoga poses and Pilates exercises. Weekend Workout! is a 20-30 minute yoga and Pilates-inspired workout. Today’s workout is right at 30 minutes, so make sure to set aside that amount time before you golf.

If you are on a hard surface, you will want a blanket for under your knees. Also, bring over one of your golf clubs. We will be stretching the front of our legs, so if you can’t reach your ankle, bring a strap to help.

Please remember, do not start an exercise program without first consulting your physician.

If there are any themes or exercises that you want me to address in Weekend Workout!, please let me know. Just leave me a comment either here or on the video.

Golfer’s Weekend Workout! Video

Here is the video. Please enjoy!

What exercises do you do before you golf? Let us know in the comments below.

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