Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice with an Active Table Pose

Table top poseTable pose, which is also known as Bharmanasana, is one of the most basic yoga poses. In fact, it’s so basic that people sometimes forget to treat it like a yoga pose. Instead, they lose their muscular energy when they come into this pose.

When you drop your muscular energy, two negative things happen. First, you disrupt the flow of your practice. Second, you tell the muscles that you’re probably wanting to work (your core muscles) that they don’t need to be engaged. This can lead to poor postural habits in addition to being a poor use of time.

Instead of letting your muscular energy drop, try to perfect your Table pose. It’s amazing how your muscles will feel from just a couple of breaths in this simple yoga pose. Here’s how to get the most from your Table pose.

Table Pose

Keep in mind that Table pose is often a transitional pose. This means that, while it may show up in your yoga practice, many instructors don’t have you hold this pose for a long time. You will frequently see this pose in conjunction with Cat pose and Cow pose, and you might see it as a transition to help you lift into Downward facing dog.

  1. Use ujjayi breathing throughout.
  2. Begin on your hands and knees with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.
  3. Spread your fingers like starfish, and press the floor away. You’ll notice that, as you do this, the eyes of your elbows rotate toward the front of the mat. If the insides of your elbows are facing each other or your thighs, you need to broaden your collarbones and press the floor away.
  4. Take a moment to bring your pelvis to a neutral position. When you do this, your SITs bones should be pointing to the wall behind you. Feel the length through your spine from your SITs bones through the top of your head. Make sure that your chin is slightly tucked so that your head is in neutral.
  5. Once your pelvis is in neutral, lift your abdominals toward your spine. When you engage your abdominals, your spine should not move at all (especially your pelvis).
  6. Puff into your kidneys, which are located on your back at the bottom of your rib cage. This extra lift will mean that all your abdominals are working to hold you in neutral as correctly as possible.
  7. Press the tops of your feet into your mat. Feel the energy move through your legs as you do this.
  8. Once you’ve got everything set to the best of your ability, breathe. If you’re really wanting to strengthen your core in this position, take the time to practice several rounds of breath.

Table Pose Video

Here is a video for visual learners.

Am I missing anything? Where else do you feel muscular energy when you practice Table pose? Let us know in the comments below.

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