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30 Daily Workouts!

Get DAILY 15-25 minute workouts for a MONTH that build your strength and teach you how to safely practice yoga poses and Pilates exercises!

Hi, I’m Sarah! I help people use simple-yet-therapeutic exercises to ditch the pain that’s been holding them back from living the life of their dreams.

I’m a certified Pilates and yoga instructor with a passion for pain relief. With over 17 years of experience, I've dedicated a lot of time to learning how the body moves and which exercises work best to keep it strong and healthy.

I'm so excited to teach you the fundamentals of yoga and Pilates over the next month!

Sarah Stockett

Here's What You'll Learn

Yoga Poses

Yoga has been around for ages. In fact, Joseph Pilates was influenced by yoga and incorporates several yoga poses in his exercises. (Incidentally, palms up is the hand gesture to show that you're open to receiving.)

Pilates Exercises

We will learn how to practice and modify the most popular Pilates exercises. Whether you're planning on attending a Pilates class or continuing your practice at home, you should develop a good familiarity with many of these exercises.

Correct Form

I am a stickler for proper form. When you practice yoga poses and Pilates exercises with correct form, you can balance the muscles in your body and relieve pain. However, if you don't use correct form, it can often cause pain and injury.


We won't memorize muscles or anything like that, but you'll have a much better understanding of neutral posture. In particular, you'll learn how to move to and through neutral.

Are you ready to start?