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Sarah Stockett

Free Resources

I love free stuff but only if it's quality. (I'm picky that way.) So, I've created links to all of the cool and helpful content on my website!

First, I think you might find the most value from my Pilates Exercises and Yoga Poses pages. On these pages, you'll find pictures of the exercise or pose with a link to the article and video that explain how to do it. Because there are so many different yoga poses, I have them categorized. Check out the Core Strengthening Poses, Forward Folding Poses, Heart Opening Poses, Hip Opening Poses, Inverting Poses, Side Bending Poses, Standing Poses, and Twisting Poses.

If you're looking for a short 20-30 minute workout, check out my Weekend Workout! videos.

Then, if you decide you want to learn how to correctly and safely practice yoga and Pilates in your home, sign up for my new 30 day video series, Learn Yoga and Pilates--FREE! Also, you can sign up for my free monthly newsletter that contains information that I may or may not share on my website.

If there's anything that you're looking for that you can't find or any topic that you'd like me to cover, just Contact Me.