Looking for DIY Pain Relief Tips? Check Out These 6 Float Tank Benefits to Help You Relieve Pain Yourself.

When you’re searching for ways to relieve pain yourself, you might be willing to try things you’ve never considered before. For example, you might not have thought to hang out for an hour in a giant, salty, body temperature tub; but float tank benefits might be just what your body needs to feel better.

man practicing floatation therapy

Floatation therapy. I still remember reading those words in a Facebook post from a friend of mine, Tracy, who’s a body therapy guru. When Tracy talks, I listen. After introducing me to Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), he has become my leading authority and inspiration for the latest in body pain relief techniques.

How magical, I thought. It must be like the largest, best bathtub in the world filled with enough salt to make the Great Salt Lake feel inadequate.

It sounded like a dream come true, and I was determined to learn more about this wonderful form of therapy.

what is floatation therapy
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What I learned is that, unlike those other therapies, this form of pain relief is truly a DIY opportunity. It’s just you and a big tub of water. What happens while you’re in the tub is magic and, for some people, life-changing. Here’s more about the top six float tank benefits.

So, What Is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation therapy is a modern, less frightening term for sensory deprivation. If just reading sensory deprivation has you running away from this screen or dismissing this form of pain relief, hang on a minute.

Although sensory deprivation may sound intense and scary, it’s not. All it means is that you’ll be in a dark room with no sound and moderate temperatures.

Not so bad, right?

Plus, some floatation locations are sensitive to the fact that people may not want to be in a totally dark room. They may include star-like lights on the ceiling. Others may offer soft music or sounds made specifically to stimulate relaxation.

Although the size of your floatation room may vary, the temperature of the water you float in will not. The water is heated to body temperature and loaded with Epsom salts, which are known for their high magnesium content. So much salt is added to the water that it makes it effortless to float.

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The Top 6 Float Tank Benefits

Because of the magnesium, the reduction of gravity from floating, and the absence of light and sound; floatation therapy is believed by some to be incredibly restorative and beneficial for your mental and physical health. Here are the top six float tank benefits that could help you relieve pain and increase your energy.

what is floatation therapy

1. Relaxation

Any time you relax, you experience health benefits. Your heart rate and blood pressure decrease, your breathing becomes steady, and muscle tension melts away.

2. Pain Relief

Floatation therapy is a powerful tool for DIY pain relief. Whether it’s because of the high magnesium levels in the water or the zero-gravity feeling during your session, floatation has been attributed to relieving pain from:

  • Spinal and structural misalignment
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Arthritis
  • Scoliosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stress
  • Headache and migraine
  • PMS and prenatal

3. Anxiety Relief

When you can figure out a way to tune out all of life’s demands, you can slow your breathing, calm your mind, and reduce your anxiety. Floatation therapy allows you this opportunity to tune out the world as you rest comfortably.

Plus, since most floats last for an hour or more, you can allow your body and mind to reset. This means you are more likely to experience reduced anxiety after your float session.

4. Detoxification

Magnesium has been used to draw toxins from the body for years. In fact, I personally have used Epsom salts to help me feel better since I was a child.

I use Epsom salts any time I’m sick or achy. Whether I think my issue is from an injury or a bug, I use the salts to pull it out.

However, this isn’t as effective as a floatation session for two reasons. First, I know my bath doesn’t have as much magnesium as a float tank. Second, I tend to keep my bathroom light on, so I’m not getting the benefit of darkness.

For some people — especially people who are sensitive to light — some quality time in a dark room might provide a welcome opportunity to clear the mind and release tension or negative thoughts. In this way, both the body and the mind can receive a detox.

5. Increased Energy

Any time to let your body completely relax and release toxins or negative thoughts, you’re going to feel tons lighter when you’re through. By removing this perceived weight, your spirits will be lifted and you’ll notice an increase in energy.

6. Improved Quality of Sleep

After a floatation session, people often note an improved quality of sleep. This is a logical benefit since we often sleep better when we’re not in physical pain, mentally stressed, or anxious.

Want to learn more about how to improve your quality of sleep?

Don’t Try Floating If…

Although there are many float tank benefits, there are some people who shouldn’t float. You should use caution if you:

  • Have issues with magnesium. Since the water is filled with high levels of magnesium, contact your doctor before trying this therapy.
  • Are pregnant. Make sure to let your facility know when you book your appointment so they can be sure to have an appropriate modified rest position for you.
  • Are currently menstruating. Many facilities may ask you to not use the tanks at this time.

How Do I Find Floatation Therapy Near Me?

As always, Google is a great place to start. You can ask about “flotation therapy” or “places to float” or simply “float” near your location. If you want to cut straight to it, though, I’d check out Floatation Locations. This website tells you of the nearest places to float and informs you of any specials they might currently have.

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Have you ever tried floatation therapy? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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