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My First P90X Experience: P90X Wins

P90X experience

This is not a picture of me, but this is what I imagined I looked like after my first workout.

Perhaps you’ve heard of P90X. It is a popular in-home workout DVD system sold by Beachbody. Tony Horton is the creator and, essentially, your host and instructor as you move through a variety of exercises.

The idea is that each day, you do a specific workout DVD, unless you’re on your rest day. There are 12 DVDs in the P90X series, and the program lasts for 90 days. That is a lot of repetition. I couldn’t guess how many times I’ve done each DVD.

Even though I have not done a P90X video for years, I still remember some of the funny things that Tony said or did. These moments helped me through the physically demanding workouts.

Despite the pain, I enjoyed my P90X time. I feel like I need to say all of this to create a balance for what I’m about to tell you about my first P90X experience.

My P90X Experience


Back in 2009, my husband and I started doing P90X. Both of us had done strength training before. However, P90X was like nothing we had ever done.

We were looking for an in-home exercise program. This would mean that we didn’t have to go out when the weather was bad or compete with people for equipment, and we would have flexibility to complete our workouts whenever we wanted in the day.

With that flexibility to complete the workouts whenever we wanted, I could workout during my break in the daytime, and my husband could workout when he got off work in the evening. Then, later, we could talk about how the workout had gone that day and enjoy the comaraderie that two fools in pain share after a tough workout.

Honestly, I didn’t really think that I’d be sore after workouts. I figured that since we were in our homes with home equipment, working at our own ability levels, the workouts would be pretty easy. I’m not known for physical exertion, so I believed I would feel fine after the workout.

That was incorrect.

The Post-Workout Shower

I remember when I went to shower after my workout, my arms were so sore that I couldn’t lift them. Literally. I could bend at the elbow, and that was about it. My shoulders wouldn’t move!

I raised up on my tiptoes so I could reach the shampoo, flicked the cap open with my thumb nail, and bent sideways to try to pour some shampoo onto my palm. It worked and I got some shampoo in my palm. Not having any arm movement to put my shampoo bottle away, I decided to throw it onto the ground and pick up later.

Next, I had to figure out how to get the shampoo into my hair. I moved my head to my hands and rubbed back and forth, hoping to get some shampoo worked through my hair. There was absolutely no way to get the shampoo to the back of my head, so I just gave up on that notion immediately.

Once I did my best, I turned around and stood under the running water. Then, I stood there some more and moved my head back and forth. I tried to get closer to the shower nozzle and further away to do my best to wash all the shampoo out. And then, it was time for conditioner.

When I finally finished with my epic shower, I went downstairs. My husband greeted me with a chest-high wave. P90X beat him, too.

What’s your favorite Tony Horton P90X moment? (Mine is “Linda Blair!”) Let us know in the comments below.

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