Find Humor in Life: A Happiness Tip

The other day, I stepped into my shower all set to bathe. As I was reaching for the soap, something caught my eye. It appeared to be some sort of wooden flask, nestled in with all of my girlie shampoos and conditioners.

I know parenting is tough, but I hadn’t realized things had gotten so dire. Had we really reached the point where we needed to hide booze in the shower?

I reached for the bottle and was immediately shocked to feel plastic. Just seconds ago, I was sure I was looking at a mahogany wood flask. As the bottle rotated, I saw the label–Every Man Jack 2-in-1 daily shampoo + conditioner.

I burst out laughing–literally laughing out loud–in my shower. My husband had purchased a new manly shampoo so masculine that I thought he had started keeping a flask in our shower.

This unexpected burst of laughter lifted my mood and made me more aware of all of the humor around us. Here’s how and why you can find humor in life.

How to Find Humor in Life

We are so fortunate that humor is all around us. Unfortunately, often we don’t notice it because we’re not paying attention. We may be so caught up in our personal to-do list that we don’t hear or notice what’s going on around us.

This preoccupied state is a real power-zapper. Not only does it cause your mind to work (or even over-work for some people), but it prevents you from noticing what’s happening around you.

So, instead of allowing yourself to be focused on your future or your past, I challenge you to focus only on the present. Enjoy what is happening around you while you move throughout your day.

Try to open your eyes and observe everything around you. Listen to people talk (even if they’re not talking to you). Watch animals, both wild and domesticated.

The other day, I watched a squirrel create fake hiding spots for her nuts. She was going around, digging and covering empty holes. I wondered what the heck she was doing, when I noticed her frenemy carefully observing her every move.

Then, when my squirrel took off, her frenemy came right over to uncover the first empty hole–hilarious! This squirrel was confounded as it moved from empty hole to empty hole all as my smarter squirrel watched from a high branch on the tree.

Why Should We Look?

This squirrel story is a pretty great analogy for life, I think. Sometimes, you’re the clever squirrel observing and controlling everything. But sometimes, you’re the gullible squirrel endlessly uncovering empty holes that you thought would be filled with treasure.

So, if sometimes you get a reward for your efforts and sometimes you don’t, why should you keep looking? The answer is simple. There is always a reward; you just have to be clever enough to see what it is.

It may not always be a thing. Sometimes it may be an experience. Maybe it’s a shared laugh with a stranger or a giggle at the clever marketing of a shampoo bottle.

Challenge yourself to stay present when you’re out and about. Notice all  the humor that surrounds you in your life.

How do you find humor in life? Let us know your favorite example in the comments below.

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