Enjoy the Little Things: A Happiness Tip

enjoy the little things“Enjoy the little things.” You may not know it, but this sage advice comes from the movie Zombieland. In the movie, this quote is in reference to one character’s seemingly never-ending search for Twinkies. For me personally, though, this quote is more about stopping multi-tasking to live in the moment.

When I slow down and turn off my brain, I find that I’m able to appreciate life more. Without all the distraction, I’m able to be more mindful about what I’m doing and what’s happening around me.

Enjoy the Little Things

I especially try to enjoy the little things when my family is around for a couple of reasons. First, my kids won’t be young forever, and I want to remember as much of their childhoods as I can. When I’m being mindful to stay in the present (not worrying about what needs to get done in the future or what I didn’t get done in the past), I can focus 100% on them.

This is particularly rewarding because my children and I get to know each other better. Plus, without other distractions, I’m able to notice their subtle humor and any mood shifts. As a parent, being able to detect mood shifts can make the difference between a wonderful and horrible evening.

The second reason why I try to enjoy the little things is because everything just feels better when I do. I smile more and am more relaxed. Food tastes better. People are funnier. And, this is the oddest thing, but something interesting always happens.

Throughout my work day, I focus on planning, completion, lists of what has been done and what still needs to be done. Do you know how often something interesting happens in that window of time? Almost never. It’s not until I leave my work behind me that I can truly appreciate the wonderful things that surround me.

This made me wonder:  Do New Year’s resolutions fail so often because people don’t take the time to enjoy the little things along the way to their achievement?

Enjoy Your New Year’s Resolution

I think that the answer to my question might be yes. As a society, we’re so results-driven that we don’t take the time to enjoy and appreciate the process of achieving our goals. Our focus is the completion of a task.

After a relatively short period of time, if we haven’t already achieved our resolution, we become somewhat disgusted and disgruntled. These feelings cause us to bail on our resolution. And, let’s remember that a New Year’s resolution is a goal that you were so passionate about mere weeks ago that you decided to make it a top priority for your year.

Now that we’re two weeks into February, it’s a pivotal time. According to U.S. News, about 80% of all resolutions will fail this week. So, it’s up to you whether you’ll persist or fail. You get to decide where you are in that statistic. Are you in the 80% or are you in the 20%?

Whether you feel like you’re just barely hanging in there or you’re rock solid to keep going, take a moment to stop and enjoy the little things about your process. As you work toward your goal, enjoy what you do. Life’s too short to not take time to enjoy the little things.

What do you do to enjoy the little things? Let us know in the comments below.

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