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What would your life look like without pain?

I help people use simple-yet-therapeutic exercises to permanently ditch the pain that’s been holding them back from living the life of their dreams.

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Here’s How I Can Help

You might be wondering, Who the heck is this gal and how can she help me permanently get rid of pain?

So, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sarah Stockett.

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Sarah Stockett
get rid of hip pain

Get Rid of Your Hip Pain–For FREE!

You don’t have to live with hip pain. With these 6 easy yoga poses, you can be on your way to recovery!

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Find Out About My Broken Neck Recovery

June 2017, I broke my neck. Although I knew others had been in this situation before, I couldn’t find anything on Google about what to do, what to avoid, and how to live while healing.

So, I wrote a book about my experience.

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snapped: a helpful guide for broken neck recovery

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Shannon Nold”After accepting my unexplained shoulder injury as a sign of aging, I started learning Pilates with Sarah. She introduced me to a ‘shoulder dance’ move to try to rehabilitate that shoulder and increase my range of motion. It was a success! To this day, I do not have shoulder pain, and I feel I have full range of motion with no limitation for the way I want to move.”Talia Guess”During the last month of my pregnancy with my first child, I developed a terrible sciatic pain where I could barely walk to the restroom without the pain bringing tears to my eyes. I was still working and knew I needed to get help. Luckily, I knew just who to contact—Sarah.
She worked with me for an hour and taught me different pain relief techniques. Within a few days, the pain was gone! If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure how I would have made it through that last month, and I may not have gone on to have another child.”Michelle Clark”Sarah has been committed to working with me for many years now. By far the best personalized instruction I’ve received. She keeps me moving!”

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