“You Did What?!”–My Best Friend’s Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Cure for Skin Cancer

After my friend learned she had basil cell carcinoma, she started looking for homeopathic cures and found coconut oil and baking soda for skin cancer. Here’s more on what she did and her results.

One of my main goals for this website is to give you helpful solutions for a variety of problems that you may have. So, when my best friend told me that she was successfully treating a spot that wasn’t healing on her leg, I wanted to hear all about it. When she told me that she was doing an at-home treatment to get rid of skin cancer, my jaw dropped.

Here’s more about my best friend’s attempt to use coconut oil and baking soda for skin cancer.

Nea’s Story

This is Nea’s spot before she started her treatment regimen.

Nea has a fair complexion and a history of basil cell carcinoma, which is the most benign form of skin cancer. In her experience, the skin cancer spot scabs, bleeds, and then cycles again.

She has gone to the doctor for removal. Normally, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze off the spot. In some cases, the skin cancer has come back and she has had it removed again. This spot was different, though.

It looked like she cut herself shaving her legs. There was just a small scab and, for a while, she kept thinking that she accidentally bumped off the scab one way or another. Then, over a 6 month period of time, it gradually turned in to an open sore.

She tried using Neosporin and covering it with a Band-Aid, but it didn’t heal. Finally, she decided that it was time to go to the doctor. He said that he was 99% sure that her spot was basil cell carcinoma, but it would cost up to $2,000 to biopsy the spot. A surgery to remove the spot might be $5,000.

Since Nea lives between the United States and Indonesia, she decided that she would have her biopsy done when she returned to Indonesia in several months because it would be much less expensive. However, that still left her with the issue of potentially having an open sore on her body for months.

What Did She Do?

As many people do these days, Nea turned to the internet. She researched homeopathic skin cancer treatments and came up with her own regimen.

First, she poured hydrogen peroxide on her sore. She thought it would hurt, but it didn’t. It also didn’t seem to help.

Next, she created a paste with coconut oil and baking soda. She made a really big batch so she could have it ready when she needed it, and she kept it in the fridge. Each time she applied the paste, she used a fresh Q-tip. Then, she put on a fresh Band-Aid.

After she put the paste concoction on her spot initially, she noticed that the spot crusted after several hours. This was really impressive because it was the first sign of healing. Nea’s regimen that she created for herself was a combination of several suggestions that she found on the internet, but here’s exactly what she did.

The Regimen

For the first week, Nea applied the coconut oil and baking soda paste to her wound four times a day. She would wake up and brush off the crusty stuff that had oozed out overnight. Then, she cleaned the wound with apple cider vinegar and secured an apple cider vinegar-soaked cotton ball to her spot with a Band-Aid. She left this on for a couple of hours the reapplied the paste.

This reapplication was around lunch time. Then, after a few hours, she brushed off the crusty stuff and repeated the process with the apple cider vinegar. Around dinner, she reapplied the coconut oil and baking soda paste. Her final round of paste application was right before bed.

After the first week of treatment, Nea slightly changed her regimen. Instead of using apple cider vinegar to clean her spot, she used hydrogen peroxide to clean it every other day.


It’s important that you understand that your coconut oil is probably going to turn to liquid pretty quickly. Even if your concoction has been in the fridge, once the oil hits your skin, it will start to melt. For this reason, you want to have your spot level and your Band-Aid ready to go.

Helping the Sore Heal

This is how the wound looked after two months of treatment.

Nea noticed that the sore started getting redness around the outside of it. She thought that it seemed like the wound was healing from the outside in. As her healing continued, she noticed that her skin around the spot wrinkled and puckered.

To encourage healing, she put Neosporin around the outside edge of the wound. Apparently, the trick to healing a wound like this is to make sure that the center comes out. If the center remains after the wound has closed, the skin cancer can grow back. Therefore, it’s advantageous to keep the center of the wound open so that whatever is inside can drain and go away.

To help encourage proper healing, she massaged the outside area of the wound and performed reiki on it. When the wound closed completely, she kept using her paste regimen, but she also added CBD oil to the paste. She kept treating the wound until it was closed and no longer red.

Now, the wound is completely closed and the scar is fading. She doesn’t even feel a lump under the skin where the cancer had been.

Although she is elated that this wound has closed, she still plans to have the spot biopsied when she returns to Indonesia.

If You Think You Might Have Skin Cancer…

If you think you might have skin cancer, go to the doctor! Any time you suspect that you may have cancer of any kind, your first step should absolutely be to see the doctor. Take care of yourself and your health. However, if you need some tips to close up a non-healing spot that may or may not be skin cancer, I know a gal who had great success with coconut oil and baking soda.

The Update

When Nea returned to Indonesia, one of her top priorities was to get the spot on her leg biopsied. However, when she went to see the doctor, they couldn’t find anything to sample. They told her that her leg was completely healed and that there was no area that seemed suspicious.

I’m so excited that this treatment worked for her and am hopeful that it will keep her skin cancer away for a long time.

Want to Watch Nea Heal a Spot on her Nose?

When Nea came back to the United States, she noticed a spot similar to the one that had been on her leg on her nose. I was able to interview her and learn about her routine to rid herself of this new spot. You can watch the video on YouTube.

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