Classic Pilates: Weekend Workout! 4-1-17

Joseph Pilates was a serious man who was serious about his exercise. This week’s Weekend Workout! is a doozie! If you read my previous article on Joseph Pilates, you know that he had a very specific sequence for mat work. There were no variations–ever.

However, since Weekend Workout! is a 20-30 minute Pilates and yoga inspired workout, I’ve seriously edited his mat routine. I’m not exactly sure how long one of his classes would last, but I can guarantee it was longer than 20-30 minutes. In our workout today, we will be doing The Hundred through Rocker with Open Legs, Swimming, and Push ups.

Here is the full sequence. (Thanks to The links are to articles I wrote about how to do those exercises. As time goes on, I hope to have all of the exercises explained, so make sure to check my Exercises tab from my home page to make sure you have everything covered.

If you do not know how to do the highlighted exercises, take a moment or two to learn or refresh your memory. Like I said, Joseph Pilates didn’t joke around, so the exercises are pretty intense, especially when done quickly.

Roll Up
Roll Over
One Leg Circle
Rolling Back (rolling like a ball)
One Leg Stretch
Double Leg Stretch
Spine Stretch
Rocker with Open Legs
One Leg Kick
Double Leg Kick
Neck Pull
Shoulder Bridge
Spine Twist
Jack Knife
Side Kick
Hip Twist
Leg Pull – Front
Leg Pull
Side Kick Kneeling
Side Bend
Control Balance
Push Up

If you are recovering from injury or have hip flexors that grip or tend to be overactive, I suggest you sit this one out and pick a different video to do.

Classic Pilates video

Here’s this week’s video! Enjoy!

What did you think of this week’s workout? Let me know in the comments below. Also, is there anything in particular that you’re wanting to see or do? Just let me know.

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