The Absolute, Very Best Yoga Sequencing Book

There are tons of yoga books with yoga sequences in them. By no means will I even pretend that I’ve looked at even a tenth of those that exist. However, I have found that, as you learn a subject, there will be one book that resonates with you above the rest.

Year after year, you will return to this book to answer new questions you may have. For me, that book is Bruce Bowditch’s The Yoga Practice Guide.

What’s in this Book

Yoga practice guide

Thanks to Bruce Bowditch for the image.

This book is perfect for beginners or even seasoned yogis. It shows basic yoga things like how to do a Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) A or B, but it also shows less common sequences like two versions of Candra Namaskara, the Salutation to the Moon.

There are various sequences under the broad headings of foundational, intermediate, or advanced. Specifically, these categories contain sequence themes such as:

  • standing poses and hip openers,
  • arm balances and inversions,
  • focus on back bends,
  • focus on inversions,
  • mixed asana, and
  • hip openers and pranayama.

Although each category may not contain a sequence from each of those themes, you feel like the sequences in this book progress at an appropriate level.

At the end of the foundation sequences, there is a section called Modules. These are various relatively short yoga sequences. I think the idea behind the Modules is that you use these short sequences to increase your strength in the various areas (such as back bends, inversions, or hip openers).

For example, there is a Warrior series. So, if you were looking for ways to add the three Warrior poses to your flow (maybe you’re wanting to work on your standing poses), this book offers a fun, fluid sequence to help you accomplish that goal.

Additionally, this book offers two Restorative sequences (one for overall well being and one to ease menstrual discomfort) and one Chair yoga sequence for office or travel.

Why I Love It

For my body, each sequence and Module is a home run. I have yet to try a Bruce Bowditch sequence that I didn’t love. I am constantly amazed by the originality that shows up in the movements of these sequences and the genius behind their placement.

Each time I practice one of the sequences in The Yoga Practice Guide, I always think, This. This is how it should be done. In my opinion, Bruce Bowditch has mastered the sequencing of yoga poses to make each body feel fantastic after his practice. And I, for one, am more than pleased to benefit!

If you’re looking for a yoga book that you can turn to time and time again for a wonderful experience, I suggest Bruce Bowditch’s The Yoga Practice Guide. In my opinion, it’s the best yoga sequencing book.

What do you think the best yoga sequencing book is and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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