The other day, my mom asked me to do a Weekend Workout! about improving balance. Ask and ye shall receive! It’s just that easy. Let me know in the comments what exercises, poses, or themes you want me to cover, and I’ll do it!

Before we begin, there are some props for this workout. You will need a yoga block or book that is at least as long as your foot and about 4 inches thick. It’s possible you may also want a chair for stability and a yoga strap or belt to help with a stretch.

When I was designing this workout, I thought about all the muscles that are involved with balance. To balance, you need your abdominals, hamstrings, psoas, quadriceps, and gluteus medius and minimus to work correctly.

Here are the exercises that we do in the video:

  • Imprint (abdominals)
  • Ab prep (abdominals)
  • Bridge pose (hamstrings)
  • Dandasana (psoas)
  • Quadriceps stretch (quadriceps)
  • Uttanasana (hamstrings, psoas, and functional movement at the pelvis)
  • Tadasana (everything)
  • Step up (gluteus medius and minimus)
  • Encloche-front, back, side to side (everything)
  • Tree pose (everything)

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Balance Video

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