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umbilical hernia symptoms in adults

A Quick List of Umbilical Hernia Symptoms in Adults

By Sarah Stockett | May 25, 2019

I’ve got great news if you’re searching for umbilical hernia symptoms in adults–there’s really only one symptom. Read on to find out what it is.

umbilical hernia repair with mesh

If You’re Thinking of Having Umbilical Hernia Repair with Mesh, Read This First!

By Sarah Stockett | May 24, 2019

I was hesitant to have umbilical hernia repair with mesh. Was mesh really necessary? Would surgery help me get rid of my pain? I had so many questions.

do's and don'ts after umbilical hernia surgery

What You Need to Know About Surviving the Days Right After Umbilical Hernia Surgery

By Sarah Stockett | May 23, 2019

After my umbilical hernia repair, I felt ill prepared. Here’s 3 do’s and don’ts after umbilical hernia surgery so you can have the best recovery possible.


Build Body Heat with Surya Bhedana–The Sun Breath

By Sarah Stockett | May 22, 2019

In Surya Bhedana, we inhale through the right nostril, which increases body heat. This is why this breathing technique is called “sun breath.”

red light therapy for pain relief

Got Pain? Try Red Light Therapy for Pain Relief!

By Kevin Lee | May 20, 2019

Although red light therapy is commonly used in cosmetic procedures, many people are still unaware that you can use red light therapy for pain relief.

exercises for fractured vertebrae

After Your Broken Neck Heals, Practice These 7 Essential Exercises for Fractured Vertebrae Recovery

By Sarah Stockett | May 12, 2019

If you’ve been released from your cervical collar and are ready to get your neck back to normal, try these seven exercises for fractured vertebrae recovery.

serratus posterior superior serratus posterior inferior

Your Serratus Posterior Superior and Serratus Posterior Inferior Muscles Have a Secret Power

By Sarah Stockett | May 9, 2019

The serratus posterior superior and serratus posterior inferior are respiratory-aiding muscles with a secret power–trigger points!

five-pointed star pose

Five-Pointed Star Pose–The Beginner Pose That Everyone Should Be Practicing

By Sarah Stockett | May 8, 2019

Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, you should be regularly practicing Five-pointed star pose (Utthita Tadasana) to build total body strength.

umbilical hernia repair surgery

Are You Unsure About Whether to Have Umbilical Hernia Repair Surgery? Here’s Why I Had Mine Fixed.

By Sarah Stockett | May 6, 2019

June 2016, I had umbilical hernia repair surgery. At first, I was unsure of whether this was the right choice. Now, I know for sure it was.

pilates leg pull front on the arc barrel

Save Your Wrists! Practice Pilates Leg Pull Front on the Arc Barrel.

By Sarah Stockett | May 4, 2019

Pilates Leg pull front strengthens your core, tones your shoulders, and improves your coordination. Practice on an Arc barrel to avoid wrist pain.