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I help people use simple-yet-therapeutic exercises to permanently ditch the pain that's been holding them back from living the life of their dreams.


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    Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a certified Pilates and yoga instructor with a passion for pain relief, and I recently wrote a book, Snapped:  A Helpful Guide for Broken Neck Recovery, about when I recovered from my broken neck.

    When I'm not working with clients, I'm researching the best ways to get rid of pain.

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    Shannon Nold

    "After accepting my unexplained shoulder injury as a sign of aging, I started learning Pilates with Sarah. She introduced me to a 'shoulder dance' move to try to rehabilitate that shoulder and increase my range of motion. It was a success! To this day, I do not have shoulder pain, and I feel I have full range of motion with no limitation for the way I want to move.

    -Shannon Nold

    Talia Guess

    "During the last month of my pregnancy with my first child, I developed a terrible sciatic pain where I could barely walk to the restroom without the pain bringing tears to my eyes. I was still working and knew I needed to get help. Luckily, I knew just who to contact—Sarah.

    She worked with me for an hour and taught me different pain relief techniques. Within a few days, the pain was gone! If it wasn't for her, I'm not sure how I would have made it through that last month, and I may not have gone on to have another child."

    -Talia Guess

    Homeopathy for Allergies–4 Steps to Feel Better Fast

    Can you use homeopathy for allergies to get rid of allergies permanently? You sure can! Read on to find out how I got rid of my seasonal allergies.

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    Stretch Your Spine and Hips with Child’s Pose and Shell Stretch

    Child’s Pose and Shell Stretch are more than just resting poses in yoga and Pilates. They also stretch your hips and spine. Here’s how to practice them.

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    My Cervical Spine Fracture–How I Broke My Neck While Playing in the Backyard with Kids

    When I decided to teach my boys how to play baseball in our backyard, I had no idea I would end up with a cervical spine fracture.

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    Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Your Pyramidalis Muscle

    You probably didn’t know you had a pyramidalis muscle until it quit working correctly. Here’s more about what this muscle does and how to keep it healthy.

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    The Best Way to Practice Pilates Swimming on the Arc Barrel

    Pilates Swimming on the Arc barrel is complex because it challenges all of your core muscles. Here’s how to practice and modify this exercise.

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    The Best Way to Practice Crescent Lunge Pose

    If you’re looking for a yoga pose to stretch your hips or relieve low back pain, Crescent lunge pose is perfect. The benefits don’t just stop there, though.

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    The Best Way to Get Rid of Sciatica and Hip Pain

    Sciatica and hip pain are often tied together because both can be caused by a tight piriformis muscle. Here’s how to get rid of sciatica and hip pain.

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    The Best Way to Do Pilates Grasshopper on the Arc Barrel

    Pilates Grasshopper on the Arc barrel strengthens and tones your spinal muscles and glutes. Here’s how you can use this exercise to feel better.

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    How to Get the Most Benefit from Pilates Swan Dive on the Arc Barrel

    Pilates Swan dive on the Arc barrel strengthens and tones your spinal muscles and glutes. Here’s more about how you can use this exercise to feel better.

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    What Is CBD Oil and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

    CBD oil has been a hot topic recently, so I investigated what it is, why you would use it, and whether or not it’s legal.

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